Thursday, January 28, 2010

America's Freedom of Speech? Yeah, sure.

Amen Kelly! Great post.

No, I don't watch television and rarely listen to the radio. I haven't even caught Yahoo news lately as I haven't been online. But, 4 hours in the waiting area of the hospital surgery center afforded more than enough news updates for me.

I learned that Memphis schools were gung-ho and then some on the urgent importance of installing metal detectors at their high schools, at taxpayer costs of course, just to have several arrests of handgun toting students. Seems they 'simply don't have the funding or the manpower to scan each and every student, each and every day' so they use these gotta-have, mega-urgent detectors to do "random" scans on "random" students. And obviously there's a big 'ooopsie' because they missed several.

I heard the storm-watchers push some buttons about the apparent ice storm of the decade coming our way tonight and tomorrow...and saw first-hand locally the shelf-picking of milk, TP and water "just in case it's another Ice Storm of 1994" we're waiting for.

And some sports figure was much-talked about.

I don't know flip about sports, let alone sports figures, so Tim Tebow is just another 'Joe the plumber' on the street to me.

But he's Christian I've heard. And he has obviously found some firm ground he wishes to stand on.

All I've gathered is he is just another child in a family, following 4 siblings, with a mother who stood her ground and disregarded the doctors who prompted abortion for her.

Good for her. That in itself isn't what I'd call top story news, but honestly, given our days and times, it's big enough news.

Anyway, he apparently wants to use his sports hero 'fame' to say what seems to be just a public "thank you" for that mother and her strong convictions that gave him life.

And it irritates the Sodom & Gommorah crowds spending their Super Bowl Sunday watching football and partying for their team.
The beer commercials don't ruffle any feathers. The half-time, half-dressed, sex show entertainment doesn't bring down the disgust and vocal hatred of the masses. Just a sports guy, paying the same insane 30-second fee for a Super Bowl commercial slot so he can say thank you for choosing LIFE.

Lock up your homes folks. Shield your children. Something big is happening I guess, because the news services are in high mode making mountains out of 30-seconds of First Amendment Right.


I guess marketing an anti-abortion thank you isn't covered as freedom of speech when you're slowing down the money wheels of the likes of Pepsi, Budweiser and Ford.

I don't know who the commercial features are in this years' Super Bowl, I'm just guessing. Honestly, the last Super Bowl hoo-ha I can think of seeing personally included a cool-looking new Ford truck, Michael Jackson, Pepsi and some frogs croaking the tones of Budweiser.

It might have been as far back as Walter Peyton and 'Refrigerator Perry' even. Now that was great viewing back when sports were interesting.

I'm sheltered.

No...I'm selective with my television viewing.

And men chasing an oblong-shaped ball back and forth aren't part of my time usage.

A man taking a public, vocal stand against abortion during America's most-viewed sporting event might make my list this year.

There are so precious few MEN taking stands these days you know.


LizBeth said...

Right. So precious few real MEN these days. Glad yours is on the mend. ~Liz

Surely to be deleted said...

It isn't to do with freedom of speech, but marketing & how a message will not be well-received by viewers. I wouldn't expect an ignorant Christian to realize that though.

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

It's 30 seconds of a message. You have a problem with it, get up and take a bathroom break. There will be plenty of folks doing that same thing. That's why it's called FREEDOM of SPEECH, remember? You don't have to like it.

As to being an ignorant Christian, call me what you want, but obviously my education tops yours as I know how to write my own name, and I take my convictions seriously enough to stand behind them publicly and not hide behind momma's skirts with an anonymous tag. Even a non-Christian should have some level of personal morals and values.

The ignorance is in feeding your mind trash like beer and truck commercials and in such a down-turned economy big business wasting 2.5 million on a 30 second commercial in the hopes of making some profit in the coming year. Most viewers don't have disposable income for these products. These companies have sucked the Fed baby bottle for a year now with bail-outs and free money and yet they have enough ready cash-flow to waste it on trash marketing?

I'd rather see that CHRISTIAN MESSAGE with that price tag than some feeble attempt at parting my income from my budget for trash no one buys anyway.

Enjoy your Super Bowl trash and here's a suggestion...when those commercials come on, you might want to find yourself a book with some real words instead of sound-and-go phonics, and perhaps even some thought-provoking storyline and message, and let go of the public school pop fiction for a while. You may even learn to take your own supposed "stand" seriously enough to learn to write your name instead of playing coward behind a tag.



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