Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harvest Time Bulk foods - Lobelville, TN

Maybe Mrs Trixi will stop by and see this -- I don't have the information handy.

In Lobelville TN area there is a great store for all your bulk and natural needs called Harvest Time.

They will send you a rather large list of inventory if you contact them. I believe they have shipping as well, if you find the prices decent. Mrs Trixi was getting some things through the co-op delivery, if I remember right.

Their phone number is


mrshester said...

This is a wonderful store! I buy my nuts and often times my flour from them. There's another store, Cane Creek Market, not far from Harvest Time, in the Mennonite community. I can give you a phone number or more information if you'd like. They're both wonderful stores IMO.

Capturing Today said...

Thanks for sharing this info! I'm in the Memphis area and have already contacted them to get a price listing. We use a co-op as well, but sometimes items are out of stock and it is nice to have a backup!

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Mrs Hester -- I'd love the Cane Creek Market information! Do share :o)

Meredith@MerchantShips said...

I found you via another blog and immediately noticed this post! We have traveled to the Cane Creek market a couple of times and enjoyed it so much. Waaaaay back then I wrote a post about it, too:

Look forward to reading if we have more local resources in common!

mrshester said...

Mrs. Dewey,

Here is the information the phone book has for Cane Creek Market:
1798 Hwy 438 E
Lobelville, TN 37097


I was there today and wish I had thought to ask if they had a list they could mail, but I didn't...typical for me, really. And if you're in the area and get a chance, I recommend visiting their community. I'm not Mennonite myself, but have more than once thought about asking if I could just tag along for a day. We also bought our porch swing from one of the families in the community. Also, I believe the Pearls of No Greater Joy live in the area.

I hope this is helpful!

Craig Erik said...

Tenn. is a wonderful place to live and I am always delighted to see some Mennonite and Amish folks there. I currently live in New York State in the finger lakes area and love taking photos of the Amish horse and buggy and the Mennonites. I recently started a website about them with lots of great pictures. Please check it out and leave a comment or just sign the guestbook.


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