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This page will be updated as I get photos and items listed, so please check back every so often. We are, however, ready for business while we build the stash of read-made items for you to browse. I will add photos as I move along, but feel free to contact me if you have gift idea in mind. I will be doing ready-made and custom designs in yarn work, fabric, as well as embroidery items, and we will have essential oils and herbal salves available as well.
Baby Itemsbibs, burp cloths, yarn or fabric coverlets,
Household Items…embroidered tea towels, yarn and fabric sewn potholders and hot pads, embroidered or plain,
Accessories…embroidered key fobs and lanyards, wool dryer ball sets,
Essential Oils and Herbals
In The Bible, essential oils are referenced 264 times, and 33 different types of oils are mentioned.
I will have a variety of essential oil sample bottles, and single-use packs in lavender, lemon, peppermint, Thieves, and Peace & Calming. I will also have a few herbal salves on hand as well.
*NOTE: My essential oils will all be Young Living Oil products. I believe these to be superior in quality and production to other oils. I am also a Distributor of Young Living products so if you are interested in getting involved in selling EOs, or simple wish to get a starter kit of your own, I would be glad to assist you in getting started.

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24 Everyday Uses for EOs

Quality of Essential Oils...What You MUST Know
This is one of the most vital things you must know about essential oils...not all essential oils are created equally.
In fact, most of them are worthless to your health
and potentially toxic.
There are four grades of essential oils:
1. Synthetic and Altered Oils
created in laboratory and lowest grade of oil
2. Natural and “Pure” Oils
overly processed so they lose healing compounds
most commonly sold type of essential oils
3. Wellness Grade Essential Oils
steam distilled with healing compounds
the negative is that they may or may not have been sprayed with pesticides
4. Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
the highest grade of essential oils with greatest healing properties
medicinal oils that can be used as plant-based medicine
Creating true quality essential oils starts with planting high quality plants in nutrient dense organic soil. Then these herbs or plants must be harvested when their healing compounds are most available.
Next, oils should be extracted using steam distillation or cold pressed without using chemicals.
Finally, the oils should be bottled in dark glass containers to protect from oxidation and sunlight.
When purchasing essential oils ONLY buy certified therapeutic grade and organic oils.

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