Friday, November 6, 2009

Our IF-THEN Chart beginnings...

We will be tweaking these a bit, to refine them more, as we move along here. And they are in no particular order really, just how we brain-stormed them.

  1. If you don't feed the animals properly, then you will receive extra barn duties and will miss meals that day with the family. Repeated offenses will result in reduced meals without the family. (see note at end)
  2. If you fight with each other (hitting, etc), then you will get 5 minutes doing the military arm lift (see note at end) and do a page of verse copywork
  3. If you back-talk, argue with parent or each other, speak rudely to one another, then you will stand at the wall with your hand covering your mouth for 5 minutes (10 minutes for repeat offenses) or receive a spoon of vinegar, and do a page of verse copywork
  4. If you run through the house, then you will march in place 5 (10) minutes
  5. If you waste time during chores or school work, then you will receive additional chores or school assignments
  6. If you do not complete your chores or school work, then you will receive additional chores or school assignment, loss of free-time/privilege for day
  7. If you complain/mumble/whine/poor attitude toward a chore or task, then you will have additional chore added for day, stand at wall with hand covering mouth for 5 (10) minutes, or, depending on severity of attitude, task will be re-assigned. You will repay that re-assignment two-fold. You will also copy the 21 Rules of This House or Our 24 Family Ways.
  8. If you tattle, then you will lose a privilege for the morning/afternoon, and do a page of bible verses.
  9. Selfishness, Lying, Stealing, Teasing another -- 30 minute early bedtime, loss of privileges for day, repayment to those offended will be serving them that day, plus verse copywork.
  10. Sneaking food/snacks -- loss of meal privilege (see note at end), no treats that week.
  11. If you do not behave properly in church or during devotions, then you will lose a privilege for the day and have a 30 minute early bedtime.
  12. Poor Manners (not saying Please, Thank You, I'm Sorry, etc) -- writing a page in Blessing Journal and verse copywork (see note at end)
  13. If you interrupt for a non-emergency, then you will stand at the wall with hand covering your mouth for 5 (10) minutes.
  14. If you mistreat property/toys, etc then you will lose that item for 1 week and do a page in the Blessing Journal
  15. If you get out of bed/talk/play after bedtime, then you will get 30 minute early bedtime next evening and lose toy/item you were caught with.
The military arm lift thing...we got this idea from Miss Debi's husband one day. You are to stand straight and extend your arms directly out your sides at shoulder level, palms facing upward. You then open and close your hands for desired time-frame. It is rather sore after a while and even our eldest son had a hard time...even though he was laughing it off to start with. No one
wants a repeat of that punishment...a great deterrent :o)

The Blessing Journal is where they write out a page of at least 10 things they are blessed to have...or in the case of an issue with another, 10 things they admire/like about that person. The younger ones only have to come up with 5 things, and someone else will write them down for them. The lists can not be the same all the time. You have to come up with different things -- the point is it reminds us of some of the good things about someone else, or the blessings we have in our lives that perhaps we take for granted.

I will add in the verses related to these later -- we need to get moving on some chores and school today! Check this entry later -- I've put a link in my welcome on the left sidebar!


Scarlett said...

I love your chart. Can I copy the idea for my 11 yr old daughter?

Anonymous said...

i love your blog! i have a little something for you

Life of a plainlady said...

We have something like this that we teach at our home. It's not on paper, just something we talk about. It's called "Choices=Consequences". Good behavior results in a happy spirit and pleasant things like time to play. Naughty behavior results in unpleasant things.And, really, isn't that what life is all about? Doing the right and being rewarded eternally!

Kris said...

I have been following your blog for ahwile. I think that your rules are good for your family. I do have a problem with the withholding food from your children. Yes, I understand that your kids are in no danger of starving and I do understand that you withheld the food due to their not feeding the animals in the correct way. But with that being said, animals do not withhold food from their young for punishment and are we not more then animals? I can see withholding a treat or a sweet, but a meal or a samller meal? Do your children have to always ask before they can have a snack? I just have a problem with food being part of punishment.

Anonymous said...

I think most of these are great rules. I do question one, however. You take away a meal, or part of a meal? I can see snacks being taken away..those aren't really necessary. I really think you are setting your kids up for food issues when they live on their own. I also think family meal time is extremely important and should never be taken away as punishment. Of course, your house-your rules. just my 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

I know this post is old, but oh what a blessed god send it was. I have had the most trouble with trying to have proper IF and THEN kinda of scenarios and proper consequences for these almost very things. I know because of the inconsistency on my husband and I's part... my childrens behavior and responses.. especially to helping about the home are less than stellar.. We have children.. especially our son who dont want to take responsibility in their behavior or lack of work ethic.

Thank you for sharing this.. it has given me just the amount of thought into what I can do to bring back order and respect to the home


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