Thursday, January 28, 2010

Toilet Paper Seed Starter

Yes, winter still lurks within most areas of the country, but it's pushing February folks...most of us should have seeds a'plenty starting in pretty little pots in sunny windows.

Newspaper seed starters are great, and Happy Hearts at Home blog shared a link for toilet paper seed pots. Recycling at its finest :o)

So...grab those TP rolls, grab your newspaper to make some, pick your soil medium and start sorting your cool season seeds for starting indoors! Back north, we used to uncover the garden area and get our English peas in every February. LOL...yes, many frosty mornings I was out carefully raking leaves off the rows that we had carefully placed there the night before to protect the little seedlings from a heavy dew or even frost. Spent some time gently hosing the frost off before the sun burnt them too.

Ahhh, those were the days :o). All I tend to do in the mornings now is slop through the muck to the check on a VERY pregnant doe who is bent on taking every single second of her gestation! Good grief if she don't kidd soon I swear she's gonna explode in that pen!

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dana said...

I agree recycling at its finest.

I have a weakness for McDonald's sweet iced tea, can't take the food, lol but tea... I'm hooked

I tell you this because the syrofoam cups the tea comes in makes the best seed starters!! we cut the cups in half and poke holes in the bottom and fill with soil and this is how we start cucumber seeds every year!!


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