Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christian Acronyms

ACTS - Adoration. Contrition. Thanksgiving. Supplication.

APE - Always Pray Everyday

ASAP - Always Say A Prayer

BASIC - Becoming A Soldier In Christ

BIBLE - Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

BIG - Bold In God

BIG FISH - Believers in God, Faithful In Serving Him

BUSY - Being Under Satan's Yoke

CEO - Christians Encouraging Others

CHRIST - Certainly His Resurrection Is Supreme Truth

CIA - Christ Is Alive

CIA - Christians In Action

COPS - Christian Operated Prayer Support

CORE - Christians On Road to Excellence

DOG - Depend On God

EGO - Edging God Out

EGR - Extra Grace Required

FAITH - For All I Trust Him

FEAR - False Expectations Appearing Real

FRETS - Focus Returned Exclusively To Satan

FRIEND - Fully Reliable In Each New Difficulty

FROG - Fully Rely On God

GIRAFFE - God Inspires Reverence Affection Forgiveness For Ever

GOD - God Our Defender

GOD - Great. Omnipotent. Deity

GRACE - God's Riches At Christ's Expense

GUM - God Use Me

HOPE - He Offers Peace Everyday

JAGUAR - Jesus Always Guides Us And Redeems

JCLU - Jesus Christ Loves You

JIM - Jesus In Me!

JOY - Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last.

JOY - Jesus Overshadows You

Justified by God
Under the Blood
In Christ Forever
Changed by the Holy Spirit
Empowered by His Love

LEOPARD - Love Everyone Offer Prays And Repent Daily

LICE - Life In Christ Eternal

LOVE - Love Others Very Eagerly

PRAY - Praise. Repent. Ask. Yield.

PUSH - Pray Until Something Happens

(Guide for preparing devotions)

SPAM - Serving People Aids Me

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

TED - Treasure Each Day

TGIF - Thank God I'm Forgiven

TGIF - Thank God I'm Free

TGIF - Today GOD Is First

(Regarding our speech. Is it?)

TIGER - Trust In God & Everything's Right

WASTE - Worry. Anger. Self-Pity. Tattling. Envy

WWJD - What Would Jesus Do?

WWJD - Walking With Jesus Daily

WWYD - What Would You Do? (We know what Jesus would do)

YET - YES! Emmanuel Triumphs


ardithdoesart said...

Here is one to add to your list.
RAINBOW - Reaching All In Need By Our Witness

Anonymous said...

I came up with this one.
(With the Father)
It's definitely an attention grabber!

- Tori

Anonymous said...

Here is one I coined a few years ago:


T = Totally
R = Rely
U = Upon
S = Scriptural
T = Truth


Anonymous said...

Trying to get a greatyouth group name.This helps some. Thanks

Anonymous said...

S- Salvation
I- Is
M- My
P- Purchased
L- Life
E- Everlasting


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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