Thursday, April 16, 2015


I need to name the blog/business. Over the years I've kept to 'Our Plain & Simple' in my online areas...Life, Homeschool, Kitchen, etc. Do I need to keep with that? Do I need to change it up a bit? I started off thinking 'Country Cottage Gifts & Crafts' and set the page up accordingly, but if you forget THE at the beginning, you will end up on an advertisers page selling sewing baskets.
Perhaps I will keep the name and just change up the blogspot tag, but perhaps it's time to break into a new comfort box and set up my housekeeping.

This weekend I am hosting a Name That Blog contest on my Facebook Wall. Stop in, leave your name suggestion and maybe a reason you chose it, and next week I will check them all out and pick my favorite. The person with the chosen name will receive a special gift from me for helping launch my new adventure.

Get those thinking caps on and share your ideas on my Facebook post Name That Blog!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

How many drops are in those bottles of essential oil anyway??

Of course we all wonder how many drops we're getting in those lovely little essential oil bottles. With Young Living Oils their estimate is 85 drops per 5 ml bottle. Of course there are several factors that play into the estimate…the viscosity of the oil in question, the size of the dropper cap, dropper, or pipette being used, the amount of pressure in the bottle or pipette, etc.

Still, 275 drops of oil in my 15ml Citrus Fresh just makes me happy :-)

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