Thursday, April 9, 2015

How many drops are in those bottles of essential oil anyway??

Of course we all wonder how many drops we're getting in those lovely little essential oil bottles. With Young Living Oils their estimate is 85 drops per 5 ml bottle. Of course there are several factors that play into the estimate…the viscosity of the oil in question, the size of the dropper cap, dropper, or pipette being used, the amount of pressure in the bottle or pipette, etc.

Still, 275 drops of oil in my 15ml Citrus Fresh just makes me happy :-)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cottage Crafts & Gifts

This page will be updated as I get photos and items listed, so please check back every so often. We are, however, ready for business while we build the stash of read-made items for you to browse. I will add photos as I move along, but feel free to contact me if you have gift idea in mind. I will be doing ready-made and custom designs in yarn work, fabric, as well as embroidery items, and we will have essential oils and herbal salves available as well.

Cottage Crafts & Gifts....

handmade crafts and custom gifts for home and hearth

Baby Itemsbibs, burp cloths, yarn or fabric coverlets

Household Items…embroidered tea towels, yarn and fabric sewn potholders and hot pads, hanging towels...all ready-made or custom embroidered

Accessories…embroidered key fobs and lanyards, wool dryer ball sets

Essential Oils and Herbals
In The Bible, essential oils are referenced 264 times, and 33 different types of oils are mentioned.
I will have a variety of essential oil sample bottles, and single-use packs in lavender, lemon, peppermint, Thieves, and Peace & Calming. I will also have a few herbal salves that we find useful on hand as well.
*NOTE: My essential oils will all be Young Living Oil products. I believe these to be superior in quality and production to other oils. I am also a Distributor of Young Living products and if you are interested in getting involved in selling EOs, or simple wish to get a starter kit of your own, I would be glad to assist you in getting started.

Good Reads for EO Use:
EOs & Hormone Support Here is a link to all her great EO posts, all worthy reads.
21st Century Mama’s Oil Routine Here is a link to all her EO posts, all worthy reads.
24 Everyday Uses for EOs

Aprils Showers bring…

You and I both know that, around here anyway, those April showers just bring mud. They also bring warmer, more muggy weather, as well as ticks and fleas in more abundance. Ahh, the joys of knowing bug season is going to be in full swing soon :-S

Around the Homestead:

You know I think of most of my day to day stuff as being rather usual, mundane. It’s just how things are around here. We rise up, we tackle the same routine, tend the same chores, battle the same battles (like constantly muddy floors and pups that only demand an outdoor trip after the rain starts in heavy). This week looks like last week, which in turn looks rather similar to the one before it, and the one before that one, and so on.

In recent days I have quietly argued with Verizon about needing a new charging cord for the cell phone. Sure, I can buy one myself and thus spare the several days of “let’s try this” nonsense with them, but I pay extra for phone insurance and warranty and it’s the cord that is having a problem, not me. Call me cheap, but I’d like to see that warranty earn its keep. After the test charge overnight, in safe mode (sans add-on apps or programs running in the background) I will call the next level of tech support and we will see how things go.  Not charging properly has been a headache for a while, but lately, it could take onward to 6-8 hours to charge back to full. That’s ridiculous.

Poor Flash the wonder pup has been bound up yet again. This has been occurring monthly for 3 months now. No obvious blockage or issue aside from a suspected sort of hernia in is intestinal wall. He is on a high fiber food this month to see if that helps even a bit. He’s been taking daily doses of Metamucil in his food and it did afford him an extra 2 weeks of relative comfortable um, business, but he needed a Vet visit yesterday after having a miserable Easter Sunday afternoon and evening. While I cannot sit and see him in obvious pain from not being able to pass even a bit after each 3-4 weeks of time, I also cannot afford the $2000-3000 surgery that could be needed. We start with baby steps and will go from there.

I ordered some sample bottles for the essential oils, so if you’re interested in sampling whatever I have, just drop me a line. My oil cabinet is still a bit on the meager side, but I am building it up and decreasing the very few traditional treatments I have on hand. We have always been far more herbal than OTC here, but I am planning to be rid of those OTCs again soon. There are just too many recalls and issues with government pushed medical solutions these days for any real benefit or safety.

Wondering what oils you might want to start with…the Premium Starter Kit is the best bang for your buck I’d say, but there are several other kits depending on what you are looking for. Or you can simply buy individual oils and oil blends bottle by bottle from someone who sells them.

Like I said before, I’m not going to go all business guru and get in your face with the EOs, but I’ve got them and am using them daily either diffused or topical here, and if you are interested, I wouldn’t balk at your business.

Here are a couple of charts with the most popularly used oils (hopefully you can click and enlarge/print, if not, drop me a line and I’ll email it your way)

Top 10 Eos for Children



In the Sewing Basket:

I have another baby afghan in the works (another corner to corner style, in sea blues and grays), as well as that knitted shawl I am taking my time with.

At the sewing table there have been burps and bibs embroidered and stitched, and quilt squares laid out and readied for final piecing. One is a sock monkey boy quilt that will be for the grandson-to-be. The other will be in baby jungle flannels.

 sock monkey squares

Sock Monkey fabric charm squares…

flannels for the baby quilt

Flannels for the larger quilt. Thinking a raggedy style, but we’ll see how it all plays out in the end.

diaper bag patch

Laying out a design for one of the diaper bags daughter has selected… 

knit shawl beginning 

The beginning of next winter’s shawl, just a simply triangle plan in a rustic wine heather that I love so far (I’ve got about 12in down so far).


For the SALE basket:


My key fob supplies arrived and I’m about ready to get going on building a stash of them :-)  These will mostly be for sale (a few will be gifts here). I will embroider as ordered with names or whatever you’d like. The stash items will have 2015 for this year’s graduating class, random sayings or verse, etc. and a few will be made up without embroidery. If you have a particular design or color combination in mind, definitely let me know and I will get your custom order ready to go. I haven’t checked into shipping yet, but I don’t expect a simple key fob to be too costly :-)

owl quilt squares

The lapghan in the stash for sale will be perfect for your new addition of the girl persuasion. The owl fabric pairs well with the fern green and pink prints, as well as the funky black and white dots. IF you’re interested, while I’m still in the putting together stages, I can easily add a name, date, etc. embroidered in.

As we move ahead here, there will be embroidered tea towels available, as well as burps and bibs, and other items available. I will open a tab at the top of the page here for easy browsing as I add photos in. If you have a project or design in mind you’re interested in, definitely let me know and I will work with your to get it done. Currently I am working mostly on the selection of ready-mades, but I would love to create a one-of–a-kind special item for you :-)

The information for the essential oils will also be available via the linked tab above.


So, onward to the schooling, choring, and sewing of the day here!

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