Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yes, another one...

...have you gone and bookmarked Generation Cedar yet? What are you waiting for? Get over there, enjoy your favorite 'cuppa' whatever starts your days right, and browse around.

There's just too much good for me to keep, stealing...from there to share here.

Besides, all this, gonna bring Big Brother Internet Cop over to my IP address with copyright-sniffing cyberhounds soon.

:::If you'll excuse a little transparent/humor relief on my end…

Do you ever just feel sorry for your husband? For weeks you're the chipper little thing he married (maybe ;-) 

And then one day… He walks in from work and you're irritated.  It takes him a little while to notice because when he asked, "What's wrong?"  You said, "Nothing."  But he does eventually realize you lied.

You know why you're upset, but he doesn't know why.  (I may embarrass myself here revealing I'm the only female disposed to this ailment.)

Because the thing is, you were fine when he left work.  So you watch his face while his brain searches frantically for the "what did I do?" (Everything would be fine if he would only learn to read my mind.)

(It's usually something like, you're having a really bad day and when he calls home at lunch and asks "You having a good day?"  you reply with all the pity you can muster, "Yeah…*heavy sigh* "  And he says, "Great.  Love you honey–talk to you later."

By the time he gets home you've mentally checked off all the different ways he's not "in tune" to your feelings, and this just tops it off.  He probably doesn't love you anymore.)

At the moment, it's big.  You feel justified.  You pull the "hurt" card.  And by the time you finish explaining his lack of sensitivity, you sound pretty convincing. He's shocked that you actually convinced him that he has done something he had no idea he did.  And now it seems real to him, though he's puzzled about how it all happened so quickly, right under his nose and he missed it.

So he apologizes, because really, he just loves you and wants you to be happy.

Later, when you've come to yourself again, you shake you head in disbelief that this man loves you day in and day out.  And actually seems to forget these escapades! 

And then you apologize, though it requires you to tear down that beautiful sob story that became so real.

I don't know.  Let's see…we struggle through PMS, we waddle through pregnancy (I am pathetic right now), pain through childbirth, we suffer through menopause–yeah, it must be God's way of balancing it all out.

Bless them, those dear husbands of ours

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Amy said...

When my husband calls me on his way home and asks how my day was, and I say "I need brownies..." well....he brings the brownies, gives me a hug, and waits about 30 minutes. I'm alright by then...


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