Monday, November 10, 2008

Pictures again, and updates...

Don't think I did anything, but who cares?!?!?! I have all my buttons back!! Someone suggested dumping all my cookies and emptying my cache -- I did, so maybe that did the trick. Whooppie!! I can add my boring, humdrum pictures again :o) That adds a nice smile to my Monday. Now if I could get these 'sticky keys' on the computer to reset so I didn't look like such a spelling and grammar dolt....

Before I forget to add it -- I came across a site full of wonderful recipes I definitely don't want to lose. Brenda, you'll love this blog! Heart4MyHome. I have baking to do now...what a great site :o)

And the chickens...still not laying an egg, eating me out of house and home, but aren't they a pretty group? Wish they'd drop me an egg...

And pictures of Christina's family and ours on a visit...
Christina's two oldest daughters :o)
Our whole group -- I know, not the best photo in the world, but it was hard to find a place to stand and get everyone in :o) Christina's young man is on the slide, one daughter is on a swing, holding the youngest daughter, and the other daughter is hanging off the end of the swingset. The rest of the brood is all mine :o)

We rearranged the living room -- so exciting, heh? It's a mobile home...not exactly a lot we can do when moving things around, but I try every so often nonetheless...
this is from the hallway...that's my front door and our 'dining room' side (behind the cookstove is the sewing room area)
same hallway, this is the 'living room' side view, to the right of the above photo...
this is from that front door, looking into the dining room side...just next to the brass oil lamp hanging there on the left is that hallway I was in for the other photos.

How everything looks now:

From the front door...we moved the woodstove over to where the piano used to sit, and the table is where the buffet was. The hallway is just to the left of the end of the table. Off the photo, to the right of what you can see, that's the island to the kitchen.
There's the hallway. Nothing special. It's all just over-filled with things I'm sure we could manage quite well without but haven't gotten rid of.

Pantry News...
We earned $150 for those hogs. I'd have given them away...and been thrilled to get a mere $50 for the both of them, but we were blessed with more. That money went into some needs and started my order for some meat at the butcher...
100# of ground beef, 100# of stewing chunks, 100# of sausage, and 25 of bacon.

We'll pick that up Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but I came home now with 20# sausage, 5# of bacon and 10# of stewing chunks. We canned the stew meat up for Dewey to take back with him -- 10# of stew chunks gleaned 7 quarts once canned. Give or take, with that ratio, I should end up with around 70 +/- quarts with the full order.

Kris -- how does ground can up? Isn't it a pound per quart, give or take a bit? I'm hoping for at least 75 quarts out of the 100# of ground. The sausage I'm not sure about yet. I may make up patties and can them...have you one sausage in patties? Anyone?

The bacon I don't what to do with yet. It will live in the freezer until I figure it all out. LOL...truth be told, with only 1 pressure canner, I'll end up with most of this meat stock sitting in the freezer until I can get it all canned up. I need to borrow several more canners and see if I can keep a temp on the large gas grill out there, or set up the individual propane burners and get an assembly line going!

Give me idea ladies! What to do with all this coming meat :o) Anyone planning a trip to Mississippi....wanna bring along your canner and come help out :o)


Dana said...

I would love to come to Mississippi to help you can, that would be so nice, but its not in the cards for me.

As far as the sausage patties go, I never have canned them but my grandfather and my hubs grandma both have told me before that come butchering time the women would make up the sausage patties and fry them, put them down into a crock and then pour the grease from cooking over them and then they would put the lid on the crock and then store them down celler till they wanted sausage patties, then they would use a spoon to dig the patties out of the grease. Some of the grease was put back on top of the patties left in the crock to keep them "sealed" and a little bit of the grease was used in the pan to reheat the sausage patties.
But on canning them this is what I found online:

Not sure if that is what your looking for or not but I just went to Google and put in ~canning sausage patties~

As always I love your blog, and thank you for sharing it!!

Have a Blessed Day!!

Anonymous said...

I like your new background! Good luck with the canning!


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