Friday, November 7, 2008

computer woes and some good news

GRRRRR....still no way to ad anything. Is anyone else having issues with Blogger or anything over here? I have nothing on my entry page, but everything else seems to be working fine. I have nothing whatsoever above this entry box here as I type. No font box for text or sizing or color, no buttons for Bold or Italic, no buttons for adding links, photos...whatever else used to be there. It's all gone. Seems rather half-loaded, really.

I have rebooted the computer, logged totally out of everything I can find to log out of. I even waded through the really full and crowded help section pages of Google/Blogger and left if I'll ever find an answer over there! It's packed -- lots of good information, if you ever need to look for something, but I'm a total dolt at this sort of thing really, and it's quite a loaded help section :o)

Ok, whatever...I'm stubborn. I'll figure this out eventually. Now for the good news :o)

DEWEY CAME HOME LAST NIGHT :o) He totally surprised us. I was actually talking to him on the phone when he pulled in. Shoot, I had talked to him I don't know how many times all day. He acted like he was at work, doing this or doing that. Never once told me he was up in Memphis. Didn't tell me he was at the shop in Jackson later on either. Sneaky little thing.

I had just sent youngers off to be -- they were over-tired and bouncing off the walls at only 7:30, so bed it was. Truth be told, I was fully prepared to call it a night myself. I was so tired yesterday. Must have been the rains moving through. Either way, they just quieted down in there and Wild Child comes running out to tell me Mr Mike from church was here.

Mr Mike and his dad are the ones coming to collect the pigs. They planned to come last night, but when I saw his Dad in town, he said maybe Friday instead. I went with the Friday plan, so here I was, pathetically tired, apron off, shoes and socks off, hair already pulled down for the night, and they come telling me Mr Mike is here. Ugh. I told Dewey I had to get of the phone and didn't even wait for hi to say anything, I just hung up. Yes -- I'm so rude, heh?

I told Jennifer to have them pull over to the second drive, I grabbed my headcovering and a ponytail to at least get myself covered halfway decently again. The youngers all filed out of bed and were running in and out of the porch, so I yelled for Johanna to get them put back into bed. She was giggling. Not that she isn't a drama queen and giggler sometimes anyway, I just didn't think anything of it. Here I am in the bedroom trying to get my hair grabbed up in something at least workable with m covering, and the children all start giggling. I was getting a bit ticked at no one listening to me. All of a sudden a head peeks around the bedroom door.

There stands Dad, holding Emily who has a death grip on his neck, whispering "My Daddy" into his ear. I just about dropped them both to the ground I lunged at him and hugged him so hard. And the sneaky thing was laughing at me. He told me it was rude to just hand up the phone while he was talking :o) He was asking me if I was sure it was Mr Mike in the driveway or not, and I hung up the phone on him. LOL...yes, dear husband, next time I will be more polite and allow you to have the last word before I hang up the phone :o)

I slept so good last night having him home. Truly, I feel as though I've slept enough for a full week! It stormed last night, which always keeps me awake. I didn't hear a thing. That dingbat rooster didn't even wake me this morning...I swear, he must be in just the right location on his roost to see the pole light out front by the driveway, because it sure isn't anything close to daylight when he kicks in at 3:30 am! I slept through the entire morning wake-up call from the coop. I did finally roll over at 5:30 when he got up. Apparently I was putting his arm to sleep by laying my head on it just right :o) The joys of marriage -- a dead asleep arm :o)

Today we are waiting on the 'real' Mr Mike and his Dad to come by then we are heading over to the butchers to collect some sausage and bacon for the freezer stock. Yes, I'd rather it was my own so I'd know what was in it, but I'm so ready t be rid of those pigs, I'll take some glow-in-the-dark sausage in place right now. I've pulled out the special dinner stuff...boneless ribeye filets, potatoes, fresh sweet corn from the freezer, and we'll make some apple pies for dessert tonight. Poor man hasn't had anything resembling a good home-cooked meal since he was home last.

Back to daily chores -- pantry cleaning today. The youngers have been helping themselves in the pantry and I have buckets of grain sitting in the middle (used for step-stools, no doubt!) and things are all over in there. Can't tell what we have and what we don't. I did some Sam's Club shopping yesterday for ourselves and our church needs, so we have quite the mess. Time to organize again. And the sewing room -- goodness, what a pit this room is! Things have been shifted around from having the large desktop computer in here that short time and nothing managed to get back where it belongs. Debi is waiting on her dress and it still sits on the ironing board, pinned but hardly ready for stitching. Time's a wasting!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you to have your husband back. What a nice surprise! And such a help for you with the children. My hubby travels sometimes, too, and it's always a relief to have him back home safe and sound.


sara said...

What a blessing! I'm so glad he got to come home at least for a bit! Have a good weekend!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

What a great suprise thanks for sharing, it make me smile!

Pen of Jen said...

Just found your blog...ok this happened to me for 6 months. I have two blogs and the penofjen lost all the neat gadgets...not matter what I did...the other was fine. So I tried to write in one and copy and paste to the other and nothing.

BTW All the gadgets just came back.

Brenda said...

Hello dear one.. I also have a blog it is just plain.. I have everything. You know me and computers I'm not so
I'm so happy for you the pigs will be gone soon..see I stopped laughing.. I love to raise a pig but don't like the meat and its always to much for Ray poor thing..
I'm so happy for you Dewey is home did Chris come home as well?
I bet it took awhile for the kids to calm down lol.. I wish I could of seen your face..
I do know what it is like to have a love one gone at times its very hard.
So your sewing up a dress for Debbie how is she? and kids? How about Carrie do you hear much from her?
I finally have my dress done and apron wore it to church last Sunday. I'm going to start another dress today for Thanksgiving..
I'll be sending you pictures maybe today..
Well time to go visit my goats..

Anonymous said...

Hi,I have enjoyed reading your blog.. wanted to let you know. You sound like a busy mom. Hope you enjoy the Sabbath.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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