Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, so far...

We've managed to finish laundry, although it isn't hanging out today as I had planned. We started up the burn pile and well, of course, the wind is going to carry every bit of smoke to the pine clearing where the laundry hangs :o( Oh least it's finished.

Honestly the clothesline does look better than these photo's show. In real life, the lines are actually higher from the ground and a bit more tight. Yes, this rather looks more like a campground clothesline, I guess. LOL...we have a big, empty expanse of 'yard' out here without a tree in sight except along the perimeter where the timber starts. This patch of pines in just to the side of the house and offers me not only trees for clothesline poles, but some filtered shade to keep the clothing from frying in the sun down here.

Sitting in the living room, by the woodstove, I have 2 pulley systems for clothesline, just waiting to be put up and used somewhere. The somewhere is the problem, though. I have no idea where to put them. I had a couple of poles put up for a while, but the sun just beat the clothing to a faded pulp, so I opted for true country....hang my clothes under the trees :o)

The barn rooms are cleaned out now and fresh bedding in place. So are the dog runs and the chicken coop and yard. Hopefully we now have contented, happy homestead critters out there.

We have also put bread in the oven this morning. My quick bread recipe -- makes 3 loaves in about an hour or just a bit more. We did up 6 loaves for today.

Check back later today and I'll show you the finished loaves :o) They smell delicious!

Time to get back to schooling. The youngers finished while the olders were outside this morning. Time to get the olders moving along now. I want to get a list of Dolch Site Words listed on the school board to work with the youngers later. We are using Word Mastery and our McGuffey Readers this year with them for reading, and I'm not sure I enjoy it just yet.

I also need to get my list of what materials and books are still needed for school. In a nutshell, we need:
3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th grade Math and English sets from Rod & Staff
1st grade Bible Nurture and Reading Series
Bookkeeping or Accounting from CLE
I'm thinking Rod & Staff Science as well; if so, that's all 8 grade levels needed

And we have a lengthy list of book wants just for reading and history :o) I try to get a few of those whenever I can. Maybe what we really need is about half a dozen floor-to-ceiling bookcases!


Amanda said...

You can't tease me with a quick bread recipe and then not tell me how to make it! Recipe, please :)?

As Simply As We Can said...

I like your rigged up lines. Goodness, if you could see the different ones I've rigged up at one time or another - much to my neighbor's chagrin....

What do you use as a covering for your dog pen? I've thought about hay, but had heard from several sources that it's not good for the dogs and can cause allergic reactions so I don't know what to use. I just drag my dog pen (about 10x6) from one location to another when it gets muddy, etc. It's not a very fun job.

Mrs Dewey Smith said...

Most the dog areas have a shelter -- by the house, they have a small shed that we divided with a chicken-wire wall inside and the cut another door on the side. One uppity dog lives on one side with her own run, my son's two dogs live on the other side, with their own run.

The dog in front has a regular dog house and is on a chain. He's feisty :o)

There are (gasp!) 5 free roamers here who are about to have their world's limited by a pen in the barn. 2 of them already live with the goats when the mood strikes them, the other 2 are recent drop-offs here and sweet....but stupid as the day is long it appears. They will have a small section off the goat fence for themselves. They can go into the barn for shelter.

The beagle-basset mutt mix prefers the company of cats and sort of lives on the front porch :o)

I need to get rid of dogs. I need to move into town where no one will drop them off, I suppose.



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