Monday, September 22, 2008

Answering some comments....

Salt -- we might go through one container a year here. We don't use it in any recipes and use very little if any at the table. I don't go out of my way to buy things that are salt-free, so I figure we are getting enough with the small amount we do use.

Shampoo -- my hair drives me insane. It has for years. Everyone else uses whatever -- sometimes Suave or whatever I grab on sale. I use Neutrogena T-Gel for my hair washing twice weekly. Regular shampoo just irritates my scalp to no end. I am a head of itchiness the next day and can't stand it. I've done vinegar rinses and all to make sure I'm not leaving some residue from the shampoos, but nothing works. The tar shampoo works very well for me so far. I've been using it for several years now.

Mama Ant -- we do sound like kindred spirits! Congratulations on the new blessing coming! We cannot have more children, so I live vicariously through friends having them now :o) Nothing like babies on the homestead!

I'm not sure about the price at Sam's Club. I imagine somewhere around $350-400. The large veggies will be the most overall. Mushroom pieces in the large cans are about $7 a can. Other veggies about $4. Olive oil is $25 a jug. I'm still looking to see if I might find it cheaper somewhere, but so far, no. TP and eggs are both around $20 -- Tp just under, the case of eggs, just over.

My list is a 'want' list at this point. I may make adjustments to amounts once the day of shopping actually arrives, but it will last us several months if we pay attention to things like left-overs and menu plans. I'd really like to get to the point of shopping just 2 times a years, but I don't know if i can really plan properly for that. It would be nice, though. I have a friend who shops 4 times a year without worry. Seriously, I'm not sure I'm nearly that 'coordinated' planning-wise!

It won't be cheap, I know that. Out of that check I've planned on around $600. Don't gasp -- it isn't a regular thing to have that much left over after bills at all...but I have an extra pay week in October, and I've juggled bills around a great deal. We will be sitting without virtually nothing most of the month so I can make the drive to Memphis a bit more worth the cost. Gas isn't likely to be much cheaper, and Emily only goes to her doctors up there every 3 months, but I like to try for a really productive day when we go.

I'm hoping to order the last schooling needs for the grade levels so we have it all here ready for use when needed, but I want the pantry filled more, so that will be the first expense. If I happen to have some remaining after the pantry stocking, I'll order some school more school books on my list.'s not a small expense either, but it will be the last I'll have to buy ever unless I go jumping curriculum's again.

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