Monday, September 22, 2008

A One-Hour Yeast Bread....recipe

Sorry, Amanda :o) Yes, I am such a teaser :o)

One Hour Bread
yields 3 loaves...or a variety of pan rolls, cinnamon rolls, mini loaves, hamburger buns, etc.

3 cups warm water
4 Tbs yeast
1/4 cup honey

Let this sit for a few moments, then add in:

1/2 cup very soft butter, or melt it
2 eggs
1 cup dry milk powder (we use buttermilk powder here)
8 cups flour (go ahead and play with this...half white/half wheat, all wheat, etc.)

All of this works well in my large Kitchen Aid mixer. I just turn it on and let it go until it all looks like bread dough :o) Then I pull it off the hook and plop it on the counter and let it rest for a few minutes. I usually grab the butter and coat the bread pans at this point so they're ready.

Knead and coax into 3 portions, then have at it. I plop and roll and press and knead and punch and what-have-you to remove the bubbles in the dough. Shape and lay in pans of choice. Let rise just to pan edge and place in ready oven at 350 for about 30-35 minutes. Check the bread when you think it's done by turning out of pan and tapping the bottom of the loaf. It will sound hollow and not thick. I cool mine on my cookie racks, lying on their sides. I also butter their tops :o)

This makes 3 regular loaves, or 9-12 mini loaves...or 1 loaf and 2 9x13 pans of rolls...or a bunch of hamburger or hot dog buns...or cinnamon-raisin bread...yum!

Oh -- no photo's of the finished bread yet -- they demolished a loaf and half already to day, and then wrapped the rest and put it in the pantry before I got any pictures!


As Simply As We Can said...

Ok question - I'm always on the look out for a good every day bread that turns out nice and soft. For our purposes I'm thinking I would need to half the recipe. So do you think that would give me enough dough for one loaf and then a few rolls? I'll have to try this out. But I would bet that even with cutting the recipe in half that would still be too much for the bread machine to handle. Just have to do it the old fashioned way!

Mrs Dewey Smith said...

Try cutting it to 1/3 and still use 1 egg. That should make it in the bread machine easily enough.

If you do it the old fashioned way, make your single loaf, then do a pan of cinnamon rolls and a pan of regular rolls.

You can easily freeze the dough if you want, for later. Once it rests/rises the first time as one lump, split apart for 3 loaves, grease them really really well all around, wrap tightly with saran wrap, then place them in a freezer bag.

Just pull out the loaf, unwrap to loosen, and allow to come to room temp and rise then bake. Same with the rolls -- divide into walnut-sized dough and grease well, freeze them on a greased sheet, then pop into a bag for the freezer for individual rolls later.


Sara said...

I'm going to make this bread today. Does it stay pretty soft even afer it cools? My husband loves fresh homemade bread, but after it's cooled and we're eating on it the next day, he doesn't care for it as much.

Blessings, sara

Veiled Glory said...

I've been baking this recipe since you last posted it...a long time ago. :) I skip the milk powder and just add more flour. It works out wonderfully! This is the best morning toast.

Brenda said...

I love this recipe so much, I'm giddy! LOL It's so much lighter than my previous loaves, and absolutely delicious. I made 2 regular loaves and 1 cinnamon raisin loaf--hubby loved them! I'm so glad to have found this recipe!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Smith, I know there is a God for when I search for a recipe to make bread here you are! You are truly blessed in your choice of lifestyle. Mine is not the same but I do believe in God and share a cherished farm lifestyle of a stay-at-home mom! I look forward to exploring your blog in-depth! Thank you! And oh, yes, my bread is raising beautifully in the oven and I think I have found a long lost recipe! :) Debbie from Alberta, Canada

faisal said...

Banana Nut Bread

Anonymous said...

Can I use just bread or all purpose flour? Which one do you recommend?? Thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Can I use all purpose or bread flour to make the bread? Which do you recommend?? :) :)

Thanks for the recipe!!!


Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Hi Barbara, yes, you can use regular flour :-)


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