Thursday, June 23, 2016

Did you enter??? There's just ONE DAY LEFT!!!

There's just one day left until I draw the name of the winner of our Hands and Hearts Farm Giveaway.
Drawing will be in the afternoon on Saturday June 25th.
I will post the winner's name here on the well as contact them directly via email (if an email address was shared)...on the Hands and Hearts Farm Facebook page...on my personal Facebook page...and there will be a video clip of the drawing on my Instagram page.

I think that covers everything. The final giveaway package will be a bit of a surprise as I have continued to add things all month. The basic package is still the same, but there are extras I hope the winner will enjoy.

I will collect any additional names from the Facebook notices for the giveaway, as well as any additional comments at 8pm tomorrow night (Friday, June 24th) as a sort of official close to the giveaway.

Here's the information you need to join:

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