Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ready...Set..ENTER NOW!!

Are you ready to enter our give away for a great sampling of our favorite handmade gifts and herbal goodies here at Hands and Hearts Farm? It's time to get this party rolling!

Here's what's tucked away in the basket of goodies so far...I will be adding to this all month, so the finished basket of goodies will have some special surprises as well :-)

A full 4oz bottle of each our favorite tinctures, handcrafted from quality herbs and USP grade, Kosher certified, Haial certified, gluten-free, food grade vegetable glycerine (from Bulk Herbs). These are the tinctures we have used ourselves and found effective. Included is
Snooze Time: naturally caffeine-free mixture of herbs with no known side effects on children, adults, or breastfeeding/pregnant moms. Contains lemon balm, catnip, chamomile, passionflower, oatstraw, and hops.
Old Fashioned Elderberry:  Well-documented as effective in fighting influenza, H1N1, and maintaining the immune system, elderberries are high in vitamin C as well as containing vitamin A. Can be used as a year-round tonic. Safe for adults, children, breastfeeding/pregnant moms. Contains dried sambucus nigra berries.
Immunity Boost: Designed to give an added boost to your immune system, this tonic is for short-term use during active illness, rather than as a preventative tonic. Contains nettle leaf, peppermint leaf, echinacea tops, elderberries, eleuthero root, and rose hips.
Lemon Balm: I don't even have "real" labels done up yet for this great addition to our medicinal cabinet! The homestead was recently host to a stomach virus that put half down with very soft stomachs and the other half were hit with vomiting. Not a pleasant time. I had just decanted the lemon balm tincture so we gave it an immediate test run. It worked GREAT! A carminative herb (soothes the gut wall, eases griping pains and reduces the production of gas/bloating in the digestive tract), it is slightly bitter with a light lemony flavor. Our tincture is pure lemon balm, but you could easily add this to any relaxing tea blend for more healing action.

Tins of healing salves, made with olive, sweet almond or grapeseed oil as a base for the infused herbs, and natural beeswax. One 'neosporin' blend uses essential oils rather than herb-infused oil. We're sharing our most requested, most used blends in 2oz tins...
Deep Muscle Rub: made with olive oil, St, John's Wort, arnica (not for use on open wounds or cuts), lobelia leaf, comfrey, and peppermint.
Eden Salve (Green Salve): "Support healthy skin, fast recovery, and your body’s natural defense against infection. This easily prepared salve mix contains astringent, antibacterial, soothing and healing properties that may help to heal and moisturize skin, clear rashes, fight infection, draw out poison, relieve itching, reduce inflammation, minimize scarring, sooth burns, remove blemishes from the skin, and more! You can apply it to wounds and problem areas as often as needed." [from Bulk Herbs] Contains plantain, calendula, comfrey, yarrow, rosemary leaf, echinacea root and herb.
Gentle Baby:  For the most sensitive skin, we have used this for a year now with our grandson as an herbal bath wash as well as a skin healing salve. Contains lavender flowers, rosemary leaf, red rose petals, and yarrow. My mother and grandmother also have a tin of this gentle, soothing salve.

Tins of our Essential Oil Whips, or Body Butters. A mishap with an order for my 2oz salve tins earlier this year brought me 2oz miniature "tea tins" that needed a purpose. I love my essential oil blends for pain and headache, but let's face it...oil droplets can be somewhat difficult to apply right where you want them. It can't be just me...right?? I crafted a lotion base to add my essential oils to and viola...Whips are now another favorite here. So far my main ones, and the ones that seem to be most requested by friends, are the Pain Be Gone and the Headache Ease. Simple dab out a small amount and rub where more wayward drops of oil sliding down your palm while rubbing into your temples :-). 

Just for far...I've added 3 handmade cotton washcloths, a roller bottle Stress Away essential oil, some of my favorite stress reducing tea from Traditional Medicinals, a cute kitchen hand towel I found, and one of our upcycled blue jeans potholders. If someone local enough to me to receive an in-person delivery wins, I might just throw in some yummy baked goods :-) 
Either way, there will be more goodies thrown in before the give-away closes, but these are the first additions. All in total, were I to sell the individual items shared so far, we're looking at a little over $100 right now. That isn't important though...some lucky person will get to enjoy the collection without worry of the cost!

Enough rambling...HOW DO I ENTER???

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