Monday, November 7, 2011

I am not an Occupy fan, so get over it.

What's been going on around me lately?  Well, I've been having quite heated discussions on Facebook and a couple groups about the Occupy movement. Can't help myself. I think they had a good enough idea out of the starting gate...this country has a rich and deep history of protests that actuall acconmplish a goal...
...but they've lost it with the idiots and greedy low-lifes being shown by the media (yes, of course they are deeply biased, I know this) whining about how they have so little, how they were promised this or that, blah blah blah. No, there are no jobs around. No, there is not an equal distribution of wealth. No, your paper 'degree' from those expensive years spend in the pursuit of higher education isn't worth diddly.  Suck it up and get over the victim party already.  No one is promised anything in life.  Who told you that if you spent thousands upon thousands of dollars you didn't have and would have to repay later, you'd be guaranteed a job making some decent money?  Did you get that in writing? Where's your contract for guaranteed future enmployment?  yeah. Thought so.

You are not entitled to a blasted thing in life, not a job, not an income that meets some fictional standard of living, and certainly not what someone else has, whether they themselves worked for it, inherited it, or stole it from the hard-working masses.  By standing around with a sign telling me your sign would be better if they hadn't cut your art school funding, you merely look like just another lazy bum expecting a handout.  By whining about how you have problems in life and expected some arbitrary government funding to help you cope, you look like just another bum expecting a handout.

We threw away jobs in this country. We allowed big government to offer bonuses, bail-outs and more to companies lying and cheating at every turn.  We bailed these companies out, knowing full well they were lying through their teeth, then waved to them from our shores while they simply took our money and left for another shore, where another country was smiling and waving them in.

There is no work ethic in this country. It's long gone. Oh sure, there are still a some folks who have a conscience, who have morals and values and will not give anything less than 100% to their job no matter what it is.  Those folks are the ones still working.  They may  be taken advantage of, but they keep working and aren't standing around with cardboard signs complaining because they feel entitled to what someone else has or was given. 

Lifei s not fair.  You don't get what you want. You aren't promised a piece of paper will bring you a paycheck. The land of milk and honey has most definitely soured. Are you seriously going to stand around in the streets, wringing your hands and crying about how someone owes you and you mean to collect?

Ugh. See...I've been making friends all over haven't I? I'm irritated with the garbage of entitlement.  If we all got what we deserved we'd be broke and destitute, wallowing in sin, living in the carnal and enjoying our stupidty about it all.


We are, aren't we? And we're applauding it in others to boot.


Cottage Bee said...

Yes, I have had the same discussions on twitter and I finally said enough!
I decided to stop stressing my self over the stupidity of it all and take it to prayer each day. I cannot understand the lack of common sense and all I got out of it was a muscle tension headache!
It's a good thing life isn't fair, otherwise none of us would have been given the offer of the gift of salvation...we'd simply been lost forever ;)

small farm girl said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I did see the FB discussion that you had with a few people. Very interesting. Once again, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Dana said...

Very well written and how true. Everyone expects something for nothing and aren't willing to work for anything. The old work ethic is long gone.

I just had a conversation with my mother on sunday that I would love to have dad's butchering/cooking/applebutter pots because I am the only one of his children interested in continueing on with it. It truely is a lost art and one that I intend to pass on to my boys and my daughter. She agreed that my other siblings didn't have much of an interest and that it is a lost art that bears reinstilling.
I garden and can every summer in the heat only for people to tell me how much easier it is to buy this or that already canned. I know this but its about more than just getting it easier, maybe cheaper, its about holding on to what you know, a way of life that's been dumped by the way side.
And your right its those that want it easier and cheaper that will be standing at the door wanting me to feed them should troubling times come their way.

Your right on it Deanna, people just don't want to see it.

Good article!!

Sharon said...

AMEN Sister! I could not have said it better myself, in fact, I cannot seem to voice how intense my frustration is over the stupidity factor and irony of the whole situation on a variety of levels. The bottom line at this point is that the stupidity is not only being allowed, but celebrated in the media, who of course revels in it, exposing their own stupidity and making their own agenda completely transparant.

This comment is actually the most time I've spent saying anything on the issue because honestly, complaining about the "occupiers" simply gives them my time, which I refuse to do. Since the attention they get is what they thrive on....its time we take it away so they will crawl back under the rocks they come out from under to begin with.

Sharon said...

AMEN Sister! I could not have said it better myself!!

Sassy said...

This is why I'm not on FB anymore, most of my headache is gone;) BTW, who needs friends like that anyway, I'd feel like they wanted everything I have. That mentality drives me crazy. I'm with you.

Canadian Doomer said...

:) I really enjoyed that rant. But then, I've been known to say a cheery "Yup, life sucks. Quit complaining and start doing something."

This was a good introduction to your blog - I'll definitely keep reading!

Scarlett said...

I have no intention to "
occupy" In fact, I got fired yesterday. Why? Because I believe in GOD not occupy. You want to "occupy"? Vote for companies for GOD!!!! That is what our wonderful country was founded on! Now, in God we don't trust. But those of us who do need to unite!


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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