Monday, November 7, 2011

Life around here lately...

Autumn reigns on the homestead.  After so many months of temperatures to rival those of Hades, it's been blessed cool and crisp finally and we have welcomed every single degree of it here.

Look at those colors! Mississippi hasbeen flooded with COLOR this autumn. In our 6 years down here I have never seen so many beautiful reds, oranges and golds as I have this year.  Usually the reds are confined to sumac and maybe a Bradford pear or something.  This year, it's been beautiful out and I've loved it.

This is the pier at the spring where we get our water. It pretty much sums up life around here lately.  There is a definite dead-end around here I just can't get around.  Forget the fact that my husband, talking for a while about being finished with this work on the road stuff, has decided that he simply can't provide for his family by being home (can't lead his family by being gone, but I guess that's just how the coin drops these days)...forget my oldest daughter choosing to stay up north and lend a hand with Grandma and Great Grandma because, bottom line, she has unlimited freedom up there that I will not give here. I'm that way, you know...mean momma and all, no one is allowed any fun, it's all work work work and isolation in the sticks on the other side of the boonies here.

Things are just not going smoothly around here anymore.  And pretty much, I just don't care. I'm tired of caring about any of it.  I want to be an Occupy protester. I have valid points....I got married with the reasonable expectation of there being a spouse in my life, you know, through sickness, health, rich and poor, until death.  I'm not dead.  Talked with Dewey last night so I'm pretty sure he isn't either. Yet here I myself playing single mom. I would make just as good an Occupy whatever person as those I've heard on the news feeds and such.  I'm entitled to a husband at home, and maybe he should be entitled to a job with a reasonable income closer to home.  See...I fit.

But, anyway...moving on...

I've been crocheting goodies (pattern for the baby hat found here), though I've frogged out far more than I've accomplished lately. I just wanted busy work I guess. I don't have a plan of yarn attack, just wandering about looking for something that might strike my eye and spark my needles.
I'm in a yarn rut.ollecting ideas and crafts and recipes and whatnot lately. The Thanksgiving menu is planned out and ready to implement.  The bills are laid out for this month and next month, and I have started the next level of stock up plans.  Here are some of the goodies:

Whole Wheat Banana Nut Bread from Voluntary Simplicity
Pioneer Christmas online class at CurrClick...perfect timing with our Little House on the Prairie studies going on at my school blog
a cute Turkey dishcloth to crochet...and a cute turkey coaster...
herbs for fighting colds and flus...and really, there are tons of great links to PDFs for your prepper notebooks over at Truth is Treason
World War II mini books for your lapbook fun
a cute kerchief
a great basketweave hoodie in sizes regular thru 4x, pattern for just $1
a V neck tunic style sweater, regular sizes thru 3x
a simple cardigan, sizes 2-8 toddler
Pumpkin Pie Casserole from Keeper of The Home
Tunisian Stitch shorties...or turn them into longies...and a Tunisian infant vest, sizes 6-24 months
and how to seam a Tunisian Knit stitch nicely
and a dear friend, listening to my struggles here lately, suggested this wonderful teaching from Charity Ministries

And, lastly, our theme song around here lately.  Very fitting, on many levels...
Randy Travis, Faith in You...


Greg and Donna said...

I am so glad you posted. I miss our bantering on FB but its amazing how much more time I have to do other stuff now that I am not on there. But I do miss all your links for goodies, so maybe you could add some every now & again to your blog...ya know throw me a bone every once in a while! I am with you on the cooler temps...praise the Lord and the colors are gorgeous.

Stephanie said...

Still keeping you and Dewey in prayer on the job situation...and Jennifer...not sure what to pray for, but praying...HE knows the situation.
Thanks for the links on the teaching and the tunisian "shorties"...will have to sit down and play with that one, might be able to do like you suggested and turn them into longies for the grandbabies jammies. That would be a great Christmas gift! If I start now, I might actually get them done in time:P
Hugs and love ya!

Dawn said...

I completely understand. My husband spent 2 1/2 years in Kuwait. He came home in March and will be returning next spring. He just can't support us working near home. I feel like a single mother also. Not what I signed up for. But like you say... Moving on.

Scarlett said...

Oh how timely is this post. Beloved finally after 2.5 years found a job. but he will be driving over the road. I am not thrilled about the situation, but it is a job and that is a must. Right now, I am just imagining how hard it is going to be. And I am afraid I am going to be lonely without him. But I don't see any other choices right now.

On the deal with your daughter. Well I can tell by your post you don't want to do this, but you may just have to demand she come home. Praying for you adn your family.

Reva said...

I came to your page today because I love the name of it - thought I'd see some of the things I so desire in life - plain,simple stuff. The first two posts contradicted one another so I wonder if I made a mistake. In one you say you are tired of the entitlement mentality and then in the other your 'entitled' to a husband at home???

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

No, it wasn't a contradiction in the sense of common terms, was more tongue-in-cheek than anything else.
All the boards and forums were lit up with all the entitlement Occupy movement talk and I was merely adding in my 3 cents worth. I'm pretty open book and simple here. I very rarely contradict myself...a fault perhaps? :-/

Thanks for stopping by...hope my lack of blogging and my out of touch sense of humor didn't scare you away!


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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