Monday, October 24, 2011

Crafting through the long winter days...

Ok, so we don't exactcly get 'snowbound' here in north Mississippi...okay, we did get a fair amount of snow for being down South over the last winter here...

but that is hardly typical. At least not in my 6 years down here.  Still, it's what I've got and I'll take it.

Crafting is just a natural winter sort of thing.  The days grow shorter, outdoor activities, at least most of the fun ones, are curbed and it's more about keeping occupied inside as the days grow dark earlier and the inklings of 'cabin fever' begin to set in.

In our Little House books we are reading through, wintertime is for handwork of all kinds...whittling, leather repair, hand-sewing, knitting, and more.  I love the short cozy days when a comfy chair, a warm fire and some handwork finish my days.  It's just not the same in the summer, kwim?

Here are some gathered crafty ideas to spur your imagination as we come into the perfect crafting season...

Scrappy Pumpkins... or apples, or whatever! Stuff extra thick for a great pincushion, or even gift-toppers or tree ornaments
Craft a family of Clothespin Dolls for fun wintertime play
Whip up loads of fabric napkins for the family or for quick gifts
McCall's Patterns has a great list of sewing ideas in free downloadable patterns
Fleece gifts...a dog sweater, mittens, slipper booties, hood with scarf, snow pants and more!
a cute way to use up a few scraps...a dishsoap apron

And there's always scrap quilting projects like table runners, placemats, couch or chair throws....yarnwork like knitting and crocheting...embroidery and cross stitch samplers...

...the lists can go on all winter long!


Greg and Donna said...

I love the long days of summertime, with more outside fun. But, I also love the short fall/winter days. It seems cozier in the house with the darkness outside and everyone safely indoors. And there is more time for fun crafts! Thanks for the links...I need to work on my fabric napkin supply and finally get rid of the paper ones.

Sassy said...

So many cute and/or clever. I especially like the Scrappy Pumpkin, napkins and those cute little dishsoap aprons.


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