Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Milk Maid's Tale...

Well, I'm stumped. Dewey might grab half a day to run home for a service call, otherwise it's at least next weekend before we find ourselves able to milk with the Surge milker.

Just how long does it take the average cow to milk out? Miss Judy enjoys a milk dance routine, and I'm not a 2-handed milker because of it. She likes to nudge the pail too much. So, taking into account her 4 quadrants and my single hand, we're milking a good 45 mins to an hour. Am I just, utterly....inept at cow milking? We can knock a goat out in 20 mins. I feel I'm dragging time terribly, not that we're on some time schedule or anything....just wondering.

You know, despite Jennifer's mechanical prowess, Dewey will probably just take a look at rthe thing and have it working in no time. Not that I won't be appreciative, mind you. Patience just isn't even close to one of my virtues. :::sigh:::

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Anonymous said...

It takes us about 15 minutes for my two daughters but they milk from each side. We do have one funny teet that makes it longer. They are also use to milking by hand. In the beginning 45 minutes or more was not unusual even with goat experience. Thanks for the mention of the velveeta recipe. It turned out great and almost all the kids enjoyed it. We are looking forward to grilled cheese sandwiches with cheese that melts. April


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