Friday, September 24, 2010

Anyone know about Surge Milkers and compressors?

My go-to mechanic (daughter Jennifer) is a bit stumped, and me...I'm about as far removed from mechanical aptitude as one can get.

The milker didn't work this morning. Barely a lick of suction. Jennifer did a rebuild on the pulsator and the rubber gaskets were a bit sloppy. We were hoping that was the issue. We've been keeping up on oiling it as needed. Couldn't test it out on Judy - she was irked enough at the host of problems that started off our morning and was milked pretty late by her schedule, and by hand to boot.

It's not as quick to milk a dancing cow as it is a goat or two.

Went to milk tonight and no deal. The compressor is fine oil-wise, no kinks in the air hose to the milker or anything like that, but hooking her up the air pressure never changes. It hits about 17# and stays...milker on or off.

It's sounding a bit slower than usual, but not overly so. But connecting the Surge milker doesn't alter the pressure one bit and there's little suction certainly not enough to milk her with :(

As I know dead zero about anything mechanical, I'm stumped. Jennifer, my jill-of-all-trades who generally whizzes through this sort of troubleshooting in stumped too. And with Dewey pulling 14 hour days I'm not exactly teeming with know-how resources.

Hand milking isn't the end-all project here, but man is it doing a serious number on my carpal tunnel...and Judy's patience level. Anyone?? Ideas??


Peggy said...

check your valves for obstruction or the line wherever it might have had a kink at one time or another and see if the inner lining of the line has a tear that is flapping up creating a block.

Freedom Acres Farm said...

My hubby says that if your hoses aren't clear and you can't see through them that you might have a bug in one of them that is obstructing the suction. Bug crawl in and make handy little nests in placed you'd never imagine. Hope you get it fixed quickly!


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