Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tracie :)

Trust me, you weren't the only one mentioning this. In fact, in the past several weeks I've had that 'food as punishment' topic arise. I suppose I did use your question/response as a catalyst to try to clear myself a bit.

(And you aren't the only person who disagrees with me from time to time :) I'm glad to hear you grab an extra can of food here and there. See...a little good gets shared here once in a while, LOL)

Oh, I do agree...children getting this or that when they want isn't so much a problem. At least not in general terms. Our issue at times here is flat out greed and selfishness. When they've asked for something and an answer has been given and they just decide they want it regardless, I take issue to it. The sneaking to me is very much akin to stealing, and that is a heart issue we have to deal with quickly. Greed is another issue worth dealing with in short order.

We do some baking for sale, and I need to know beyond a doubt that I haven't had 'fingers' in my baking process. I couldn't sell my bread or baked goods in good conscience knowing some little one sampled my cookie dough or icing! Or when I do up an order someone has requested, I can't have the time wasted by children helping themselves to a few cookies or brownies, etc. We don't have a great many 'treats' around here, but they are hardly lacking. Taking from an order I'm making up is a problem in self-control.

These children sure aren't suffering for a meal :o) Our dinner table looks like chow time in the Army hall! I just don't know HOW to cook small meals. And as I said, they don't usually go totally without, but a plain PBJ and glass of milk when others are having roast and potatoes or a favorite tuna casserole, makes you give at least a second thought to the wisdom of what you thought at. first was a good idea. That stolen handful of cookies doesn't fill the tummy or conscience like a good full meal does.

I guess I don't fully understand the worry another had over the idea of with-held food and the always-present social services threat these days. Maybe as I've never had a run-in with that problem I don't understand the importance of it. I know some friends who have had their parenting questioned like that, and it's a hassle, and I do know that all it takes is one phone call to unleash an over zealous government 'official' on you. They serve a need, I'm sure, but coming after folks over some of the fabricated junk they do is just not right.

Glad the Census worker was more easily dispatched...Can you imagine if she was a blog reader what a time I'd of had giving her the argument and lack of information I did after all my anti-nosey government chatter?!


Anonymous said...

Yay...an entry that has my name on it!! : )
I forgot that you sell baked goods and stuff, so it makes sense that you want that left alone. Kind of like when I am preparing for a party and they "nibble" at the food I have made.
I am all for children's services stepping in when the situation warrants it. And I can't see that ever being your situation. Sadly, too many parents are looked into that shouldn't be, while children are killed by parents who are unfit and dangerous. The system is overwhelmed with complaints which makes it nearly impossible to deal with the real problems.
I enjoy your blog...it gives me a look into a world and a life that is quite different than mine.
And...I can't believe I am admitting this..but I took the test to be a census worker. I thought it might be fun and then I read something you mentioned about them. Then I chickened out...lol. I got a good laugh reading this!!


Life of a plainlady said...

I'll gladly sample your wares! My children are always wanting to 'taste test'. The test samples have to be very small or half the batch will be gone!!


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