Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Help For Haiti....No, wait, It's the USA that needs it!

Michelle shared this and I wanted to pass it along.  There's no great love lost between myself and the government agenda at large anymore, granted, but some things are just wrong no matter what you label your political being.

Where are all the "Save The Gulf" concerts and "tea parties" and petitions?  Where are the TV benefits with celebrities and musicians giving heartfelt speeches about the poor fishermen, the wildlife, the beaches, the loss of income and the sabotaged Gulf economy?

I totally agree -- we just spent how much money, collected how many resources and food and other donations, to send aid and mission help to Haiti in the aftermath of their collapse, as well as other countries we've sent aid to, and our own government and all these bleeding-heart activists are keeping their hands in their pockets and kicking at the sand with their toes while the US experiences one of its worst disasters of a man-made nature in history.
The Gulf arena is still not recovered on an economic level from the aftermath of the botched Katrina efforts lead by the government.  There are fields FULL of those death-trap FEMA trailers still sitting around throughout select areas of Arkansas and Mississippi.  Folks waiting to see if formaldehyde might dissipate in the sunshine and heat so they can make a buck selling the trailers to someone else.

This Gulf mess is not something we did.  I find it hard to believe that a company in that business, with hundreds or better oil rigs around the world, who does this day in and day out, is having this much trouble shutting it down.  Who's gonna clean the mess up?  We will.  Thanks to our gas prices going up, our food prices for all the contaminated areas, etc.  And there sits the president, playing tiddly-winks with the Mexican government over border issues.

Makes you a bit ashamed of hanging that flag for folks to see.  We don't care about our own country.


Anonymous said...

I am all for helping people. You would probably consider me a bleeding heart activist. BUT. I have always had the belief that we need to help those here at home first. I don't understand how they can offer all that aid to others...but won't help those here when they are in need. This situation is a disaster for people and the ecosystems. Not to mention the economy. But even in every day life there are problems not being addressed here. There are so many areas of this country, urban and rural, where the children are living below the poverty level. And, yes, many times the parents can be blamed for many of the problems. But the children suffer for it.
I could go on for days, so I will stop here.

Ann'Re said...

Oh I saw that on Facebook and I agree with you! Not only that...but I heard our President has pledged $400 million for the that would be better used here at home. Grrr!

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

That's a big part of our problem...we are a bankrupt nation, watching one corporation after another bail on repaying monies they legally owe -- something that no individual citizen would get away with -- and yet we feel it's appropriate to play in the big arena with other countries. We are trying to act larger than we are, and it's the American people paying the price.
I understand the concept of helping others, (and trust me, I'm being reminded of that daily since I first mentioned my viewpoint, sigh...)and I believe it's a poor *person* not just a poor Christian who thinks only of themselves while others suffer.

Where I take offense is as a nation we have sold off, leased out, and otherwise given away everything: our jobs, our food sources, our fuel materials, our finances, and anything resembling American pride we once could have claimed. No, you should not help others with the idea of being recognized for those aids, but that is what the US is doing. We are showing off that we are somehow still a great and wealthy nation, and all the while the majority nations laugh smugly and wait for us to simply finish ourselves off...which we seem hellbent on doing as quickly as possible.
American is not in a position to sign off our souls for a piece of the world pie, yet we keep writing out those checks hoping no one will notice. We are but a handful of years away from becoming the "under-developed" countries we are trying to help.

Like I said before, it is certainly admirable, and even Godly, to offer all the aid we can to so many other countries suffering devastation and nature's wrath, but it's deeply sad when we are willing to allow our own neighbors suffer in their place. You cannot aid the world when you have little concept of aiding your own families. That is nothing more than arrogance.
And yes, I imagine I'll be getting more lovely notes, and more questions about my heart and my 'claim' to Christianity and God Himself with this. I am simply not the sort to sit by and do (say) nothing when I feel something warrants it. It is a huge reason we do not fit in most places...Baptists like their women quiet in public, as do many other Faiths, and I'm far too vocal to blend in with the Plain Sisters I have light fellowship with :(
And before it gets asked yet again, my husband is well aware of, and in agreement with, what I've said, yet I do not "speak for my husband" as he is well capable of doing that himself. He does not have a blog, a FB page, he doesn't 'tweet' and he has no interest in the internet at all, unless it's to search good prices on equipment and the like. He apparently leads a busier life than I do because I'm here making friends like I am.


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