Tuesday, May 18, 2010

History Read Alouds...???

Does anyone here have some thoughts on good history additions to our library?

I have Mystery of History vol 1, but we just don't seem to get enough with it. We like to read and the sections, while informative and interesting, just aren't long enough for our tastes.

I'm looking at The Story of The World, by Susan Wise Bauer. I can get them in hardcover -- a big plus for my money. And they make a good read-aloud I hear.

I was looking at The History of The US, by Joy Hakim...but then I found a link to several discussions about many discrepancies in her chronology and even in several events. I'm still trying to find out about this -- The History of The US is considered the 'core' of Sonlight's 8th or 9th grade (Core 100). I just can't imagine a curriculum like Sonlight having a series full of serious misinformation for their spine.

Are there some other good, encompassing series' we might enjoy for reading aloud covering history in the US? I'll move to world history later :o)


Stephanie said...

It's not a textbook read aloud, but I highly recommend the "Dear America" series to supplement your reading for US History. There are so many titles, you would be hard pressed not to find one for the area you are covering.

For specificly the American Revolution, Johnny Tremain is a classic

LizBeth said...

It takes a little doing, but I've found that some of the best read-aloud history books are older books with dull covers in old libraries. Wish I could give you titles, but it's been a while since we have read aloud together and the libraries are some distance now. Good historical fiction seems to hold their attention best. Provides quite a bit of day-to-day detail that brings the story alive for younger minds. I used all the biographies I could get my hands on.

You might be interested in William Bennett's America: The Last Best Hope (2 vol.) and Samuel Eliot Morison's The Oxford History of the American People (3 vol.) for your own reading and evaluation of any younger series.

Mrs. Trixi said...

First I wondered have you been over to homesteadblogger.com and seen all of the changes. I just went this week and oh, my.

As for History, I went to the MHEA homeschool conference this past weekend and it was amazing by the way, anyway we too were looking for some accurate history. I liked Ray Notgrass's Exploring America. I love how they integrate Literature of the time period with their history. I think I am going to use it with my 8th and 10th grader. We also have heard great things about the Landmark books.
What do you mean by, "I just can't imagine a curriculum like Sonlight having a series full of serious misinformation for their spine." I haven't used Sonlight but am curious.
Have a great week!!!

Beth West www.northernskyart.wordpress.com said...

Good Morning Deanna. For read alouds or personal reading for older children, we've just discovered author Joanne Williamson. We have enjoyed her books The Glorious Conspiracy and God King. We're looking forward to beginning Hittite Warrior soon.

I have read some things about Joy Hakim's books that caused me to steer clear of them, but I can't remember what they were now.

I hope you find many good books.

Rose said...

Mrs. Smith,

You can get the 8th and 9th grade curriculum without the Joy Hakim history. (I do believe, unless they have changed it)!

Try anything by David MCcoulgh, he is good.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

For U.S. History we enjoy many titles from wall builders.com .

The history cotained in many of thier publications are footnoted and referenced in the back of the publications. Most reference material come from actual historical documents that have been recorded in the Library of Congress.

I hope you find some lessons you and your family enjoy!

Jennifer Hancock said...

Mrs. Smith,

My mother used "The History of our United States" from Beka Book. It has history with a christian prespective and I think she used it for 4 or 5 of us.


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