Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HSB...new and improved...I think

LOL...I read all the notes on what to do, how to do it, when to do it...all the goodies involved in keeping up with the changes over at HomesteadBlogger as they developed into a WordPress connection.  I even sort of had visions of understanding what I was told to do and how it needed to be done.

Until I headed over there this morning finally.  I'm lost.  I don't see anything of my blog...not even a hospital grade, sterile view.  And posts....naw, they're gone.  I suppose it's just one of those things that will be catching up and taking time, but still....

All I know so far (which admittedly isn't much at all), is that I'm lost over there.  Anyone having good luck with the change over on HSB?  I've seen folks blogging there, so I know it can be done.


Blessedmom said...

From what I understand, it's just taking some time to get all the old blogs moved over to wordpress format and all. And they're probably doing the more frequent posters over there first. Most of the people who are blogging just opened a new blog. Don't feel too bad, I feel lost too.

Linda said...

Your not the only one, I haven't been able to do anything over that yet, either. I never did get an email from them, I had to request a new password. I can get in, but so far can't do anything. O well. Guess they'll get it finished eventually.

Michelle said...

I'm right there with you - I can't find any remanants of my old blog - I'm sure I've lost several drafts that I was working on. At least I saved my template- I hope that comes in handy at some point. I think the format is going to look more like a facebook page, than a blog - which thoroughly disappoints me - but I guess we'll see. Blessings,

Mrs. Trixi said...

I just found mine this morning. So maybe yours is there now.

Becky said...

Just went over and did some updating on my blog - really easy to do (you use the Dashboard).

They have some neat templates .... not sure how easy they are to customize, though. Guess we'll just have to play around with the settings and see what happens, lol.


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