Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Middle of The Week

Paid bills. Forgot to get gas at Krogers -- I like 10 cents off per gallon when gas is $2.64. Then, forgot to get gas as I passed Sam's Club -- where it was $2.67 with my card. ugh :o( No idea what I'll have to pay here in timbuktu, but I've got to get gas so it doesn't matter I suppose. Could kick myself for being so forgetful.

Stopped at Books-a-Million for a world map. I think I'll have to find out what it would cost to laminate it, because this Rand McNally world map is made of the thinnest paper I've ever seen :o( Couldn't find one anywhere else we've looked. You wouldn't think it'd be that hard to find a simple poster-sized world map when you need one, but it is.

Then, the highlight of my errand running...Hobby Lobby. Ahhh, if it weren't for bills I could have spent some serious coin in that store. You'd be so proud...I meandered the fabric area, and resisted temptation. Well, resisted the temptation of yardage. I did find a few remnants of baby flannels in the clearance bin that was priced very well.

Now temptation sort of caught up to me over in the yarn goods, though. Hey -- I can only resist so much. It was just too much to ask that I resist in both fabrics *and* yarns.
I didn't do too bad considering my addictive weakness to Hobby Lobby's sales, but still, with those couple flannel remnants, a flexible afghan hook(one for larger items, with a wire extended from it), an N hook (for crocheting strips of fabric into rigs or hot pads), 3 skeins of that wonderful cuddly Baby Bee yarn in a cute "peas and carrots" colorway (it's blue, green, yellow and orange...much prettier than it sounds, trust me!), and 6 Peaches & Creme cotton balls, a box of craft sticks and some clearances scrapbook stock paper...I still paid more than I intended at $50.

It could have been a lot more. They have a model to put together of the Jolly Roger...a pirate ship, yes, but I was thinking Columbus' adventures. And there were soooo many yarns to ponder over. And some art supplies I'd of loved to get. I'm telling you, me leaving Hobby Lobby only $50 is something to alert the bells and whistles for!

Jennifer got a couple shirts on clearance, we ordered the set of Christian Liberty Nature Readers (on sale, no less) and I sent for The Story of The World, Susan Wise Bauer. We'll give that one a go for more reading. The History of The US by Joy Hakim just isn't going to be something we want I don't think. I Googled the series and a couple reviews really broke it down -- that's what I was referring to yesterday. There are a great many major discrepancies in her books, some dates being centuries off, countries and conflicts being grossly mistaken...not just a few thing, but several. What I said about not understanding a curriculum like Sonlight using that as a core to history -- with all the misinformation shared in the articles, it doesn't seem like something a respectable curriculum would use. I'm still going to look for other articles, but I don't think we'll go with that series. I do like the classical education route in a few areas, and I've always like what I've read of SW Bauer, so Story of The World here we come!

Hmmm...what else today? Gave away a good chunk of paycheck and squandered some with that shopping. I still have to get feed tomorrow. I like to keep the bins topped off so when we need to budget hard, we can skip that end of things for a while. We dusted the grape vines and the beans, and laid more hay over the grape bed for mulch. The tomatoes are coming up nicely and I'll have to decide how I want to stake them soon. We also mowed the front and the area around the sides and back of the house. If the pending rains don't make it out of Arkansas this week yet, we'll finish round 3 of the seasons' mowing adventures here. We also need to cut a section of fence -- Dewey put in 2 wood posts before he left so we could open it up for a gate into the new fenced area around the side timber. Herding goats out of the barn and around to the man-gate just isn't working...they want to sample every green branchy bit of growth in their eye sight...hard to get them to the gate! Time to cut the new gate and get a cattle panel gate mounted for use :o)

I think that's about all we did today. Well, that and a Route 44 Dr Pepper from Sonic. I should have stuck to water...but I was weak. Hobby Lobby weakened me to the point of no resistance remaining by the time I passed Sonic and the clock yelled "happy hour prices" at me.

This is why husbands should stick close to home. Wives are simply the weaker vessels. Always have been. Look at Eve...if ever a female example of weakness was paraded in front of us as warning, it was her. Dewey isn't a spender. Well...wait, he did have that monster mega huge beast of a smoker/grill custom done when he was over in Arkansas on that last job.

Ok...that's why husbands *and* wives are supposed to be as ONE, and not separated. We're both weak when apart. The strength to battle those little temptations come when we're together :o)


Scarlett said...

I know what you mean about the men staying at home! Beloved flew to Oklahoma today for a job interview, and my weak self had Taco Bell for lunch. Way to yummy, but I shouldn't have spent the money.

Brenda said...

Rainbow Resource has world and US maps already laminated at very affordable prices :-)

Stephanie said...

I couldn't find a laminated map either. I bought a table cloth cover (it's clear plastic) at one of our local discount stores, and I hang that over it, so we can mark on it with dry erase.

Have a blessed rest of the week.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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