Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Storm and Katrina

This was the horse we had -- remember those posts about her, Mrs Escapee? Green broke...yeah, right!

Well, after having to milk her...yes, we milked a horse. Never in a million gazillion years would I have ever thought we'd EVER milk a horse! She rejected her baby, Prince, and we tubed him for feeding and made trips to the barn every single 3 hour mark around the clock, 7 days a week, for months.
He made several trips to the Vet in the back of our 15 passenger van -- and provided a great deal of amusing tales for the Vet to share. Not everyone loads a s month old pony into their van it seems.

He spooked one night, around 6 months of age, and got hung up with his foot in a fence in his paddock. He basically had a heart attack. :o(

Storm was always too wild for us. She was Aced when we bought her, so we were tricked into believing she was quite controlled and decently calm. She wasn't. At all. She reared up on everyone who rounded the house toward the barn. She rammed a fence down, bent a round pen tube gate into a V and then totally rejected her first baby. In her defense, she was young and it's not uncommon. We had no clue...not even a hint...she was bred. Never showed it even a little.

Well, we gave her to our wonderful mail-driver. Her husband is a true horse whisperer. Seriously. The man has a deep sense of horses. He is a total cowboy at heart and horses are what he breathes. We gave them Storm and he's done wonderful work gentling her. She is a gaited horse. Beautiful and graceful sort of sideways bouncy step to her. Snaps those 'heels' like crazy when she walks.

His Stallion throws a beautiful Paint, no matter what. Isn't Katrina just gorgeous?


LizBeth said...

So one of these days you are going to write "The Little Double-wide in the Country," or something like that? Write unit studies to go with it. Maybe sell it to homeschoolers who dream of homesteading??. . . . . Does Jacob draw??

Debi said...

I've got to say that I love painted horses. She sure is pretty.

Will you guys then at some point take them back?



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