Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gray Tuesday...sewing/crafting links

I'm thinking we need a park day.  There is a nice park right in town, with one of those huge wooden contraptions...walkways, climbing bars, slides, swings, you name it.  Supposed to be partly cloudy and near 72 today.  Right now, still, it's just 48 and pretty gray out.

Maybe I just need to get bread made.  We have gotten off the daily/weekly routine in terms of house chores lately.  I don't bake on a particular day anymore, it just sort of happens whenever.  I could do up a large batch of bread and maybe some cookies.  I haven't made any snacks lately at all and gosh darn it all, I miss them!

And I need to do some sewing.  Aside from the burpies, bibs and bonnets, I really need to get back on the summer clothing list.  And  I keep finding all sorts of fun sites for quick baby things...there are always babies around, so I guess that's a good place to start the farm market ideas :o) 
I've been finding all sorts of ideas:
A great crafting index here 
And another one here.
Here's a diaper wreath for the New Mom.
Those too cute, and too easy Stardust Baby Shoes!
I also found some more underwear/panties to try out here and here. And even diaper covers/soakers. And some basic boxers hereAnd some ladies patterns if you are so inclined here and here

and a cute sewing machine cozy...I need a new one!
And BAGS!  Everyone is making cute bags...for shopping, for toting, for whatever!  There are tons of patterns out there...here are some I found just randomly...bags, bags, bags, bags, bags!
And lots of dolls! And even one of those basic dishcloth dolls/Kitchen Angels you've seen forever.
We all know how to make cute fat quarter napkins for our tables...
and cute and easy pin cushions...

Now if those won't give you sewing thoughts for a while, you need a new hobby!
oh -- and I popped onto FaceBook now.  yeah, I needed something else, I know.  Either way, I'm there.  I don't know much about moving around yet, I just post now and then.  Maybe you can find me if you're interested :o)

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