Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Freebies for Schooling

And for sure don't forget to check out The Homeschool Freebie of the Day website either!

Hi homeschoolers,

If you have students ages 5-8, we have free courses for them from 1st Step! To get a look at these free courses, again available on CurrClick. Here are the links:

How To Homeschool and 1st Step Booklet (For all homeschool families)

Starter Spelling (ages 5-6, pre-literate)

Elementary Spelling Program (ages 7-8, developing literacy)


Connect The Thoughts (students ages 9-adult) is offering many of our free materials on CurrClick as well. These include our free spelling program for ages 9-adult, our free How To Start Homeschooling booklet, and our free How To Do Connect The Thoughts Course for ages 9-adult. We invite you to join the thousands of homeschoolers who have used these free materials successfully! Here are some links you can use to look these free courses over or download them and just start using them!

How To Do Connect The Thoughts Course (ages 9-adult)

How To Start Using Connect The Thoughts and Homeschool Booklet (all homeschool families)

Free Spelling Program (for ages 9-adult)


For other free materials, reviews and articles please visit us at (students ages 9-adult) or (ages 5-8). Try us out! We hope that you find these free materials of use! And by the way, 1st Step and Connect The Thoughts are having a 25% off sale on all our bundles at CurrClick. Dozens of bundles are on sale for 25% off of their normally low sales price through May 2. Please take a look!

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