Monday, April 26, 2010

Article: Let's Talk About Powdered Milk! | Food Storage Made Easy

For everyone who feels it necessary to (repeatedly) tell me how horrible, detrimental, and just plain icky I am to 'force' my growing children into a life of 'fake' powdered milk instead of spending $3 a gallon, or $30 weekly. In the 'real' deal...

For everyone who I'm sure will still email me about all that...

Here's a good post on powdered milk for daily living as well as food storage.

And, as I know I'll still get those emails (you know, I just seem to have that sort of personality...the sort that is a magnet for 'those' types of emails...) despite sharing this, I will be defending myself :o) when you balk at my milk choices, I will point my little ol' finger right back at ya: about the amount of nasty, chemical-ladened, huge footprint sort of boxed and prepackaged slop you have in your pantry and we can discuss the various diseases and illnesses you feed your family vs what damage I might be doing with mere powdered milk, k?

Enjoy the great reading Julie and Jodi share...about milk, baby steps to food storage and so much more! Feed you mind for bit before going off to feed your tummy :o)


LizBeth said...

I watched Crystal's videos on regular powdered milk at their sister site. Walton's stocks it. Mix it with hot water and let it cool overnight in the frig. Tastes just like skim milk from the store. Nothing wrong with it. And a whole lot cheaper than the plastic jugs of milk the trucks haul in. Easy to use for making mixes, too.

Scarlett said...

I am so sorry you are getting such nasty responses! If it makes you feel any better, I take a lot of flack for the rules I have for my daughter on the message board I visit. But then I have to laugh about it because those same ones who are over indulging their kids, are the ones complaining that their kids are giving them trouble. I use a lot of powdered milk but we don't drink it. Milk is one thing beloved is picky about and I allow him that. He is so not picky about everything else. Hang in there, you do have support!

elle-maree said...

I also use powdered milk. Unless I'm able to buy a cow to milk they will drink powdered milk. You are a good Godly mother. I appreciate your blog and all your wonderful ideas.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect I love your blog. I just make priorites in my processed foods,no MSG ( makes me very sick) and no bad dried milk for many health reasons. But I also don't have a blackberry. I chose to spend my money on health not toys.

Blessings and Health to you all. I know we have differences and respect that as well as your opinons and blog.


Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Well put, though it's rather silly to "assume" that because we store and use powdered milk...and have the Blackberry...that we are not putting our income into health vs toys.

Our pantry is stocked with the items that make homemade, from-scratch, whole foods eating possible for us. We are not spending money to buy chemical-laden milk but are stocking powdered milk because it is not the demon drink so many assume, it is feasible for long-term storage, it is more cost-effective to bake with and plainly, because we aren't active in milking our goats at this time. I prefer our goat's milk, but without other fresh alternatives within even an unreasonable driving distance to us, we will use the powdered.
Honestly, we get our calcium from far better sources and the bulk of the milk stores are for baking needs.

As to the 'toys' we have, well, whatever I guess. Yes, we have the Blackberry cell phone. My husband needed it for work. I did not 'need' one, so yes, it it's purest sense it is a mere toy. This toy has been perfect for our usage...internet service via landline is more miss than hit out here as rural as we are. The cell service has increased and we use the Blackberry for is more often than not my Internet connection and my email connection. I glean recipes and a great deal of schooling items via this cell phone. Not to mention having a great deal of other items at my finger pantry and stock up listing, my freezer inventory, a running to-do list for household and homestead projects, many duplicates of my livestock records, such as goat registrations, breeding cycles/dates, med records for them and the like. This Blackberry offers me great weather service and storm updates which we would not otherwise have all te time. We have a NOAA radio and sometimes during the higher wind storms, it doesn't tune in well. We have yet to have a problem with the Blackberry/cell service.

What we spend on this 'toy' we afford because of the many other areas in which we live more simply. My power bill has dropped to under half what it has typically been. Our water bill is heading the same direction. My feed costs have dropped by putting money into additional fencing needs for more free-ranging, so our stock is far healthier from good pasture grazing. My pantry is stocked for a minimum of 6 months, which for a family of 10 is better than most families of just 4 or so can say. We have paid down all debt to be as free as we can...except the Blackberry toy we have.

It's encouraging to know that there are so many others living more simple lives and returning to more family-involved, healthy living directions in life. One day our goal is to be totally there as well...all our food needs, including fresh milk, provided for ourselves, so we can be assured they are truly as healthy as they can be. And one day perhaps more off-the-grid...without even the Blackberry connection to the world. But for now, I'm very happy with the progress we have made and the changes we have directed ourselves towards. I'm encouraged you all can say the same as well.


Aunt Krissy said...

Well, I grew up on powdered milk. Back when I was a kid in Alaska, not many people could afford milk in a jug nor would in be fresh as it was all shipped up from Seattle.


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