Saturday, April 17, 2010

So, rain or no?

We are looking at a 20% chance today. It's still pretty dreary for 6am compared to some days, but I don't have the good radar app on my cell anymore. I sure miss it. I need to find a replacement as that's our ONLY real view of weather coming over the mountain here, for our storms and such.

Anyone use a good weather app with local radar views? I had Accuweather and for us, the radar was perfect. Most often, if the heavier lines of storms are in a line from LA crossing the MS River by at least the middle section of MS, it will track right over our mountain to us. Most of the severe storms get sort of 'tripped' by the mountain -- a very good thing for us -- and finger out on this side instead of staying concentrated.

Either way, I don't have anything but Weather Channel now and I don't like their radar at all :o( I need something else. Any ideas?

Not much here today, we'll be sort of 'loafing' as they say. I'm working on the burpies and more sun bonnets, then I need to get at least 1 pinafore for each of the younger girls done and David pulled out that Spiderman remnant again and asked why it wasn't sewn into his boxers. Nice he reminded me, but that just spurred Jacob to pull out his tan camo and ask the same thing. Guess *I* won't be doing much loafing afterall.

We opened up a large section of timber the past several days and finally finished the fencing on the last bit. The goats are happy-go-lucky now. Of course, that timber was nice enough to share with us...bath time last night was more like a scavenger hunt. Between all the youngers and Matthew, we pulled 8 seed ticks. Ugh. I hate those things. Talk about annoying! They are SO SMALL! I still just don't feel convinced we got them all from their hair. Abigail and Jacob have such dark hair, and in Abbey's case, it's long and thick! Everyone else is a breeze really, especially KatiAnne and David...that wispy mass of sun-bleached golden hair and sun-tanned scalp makes even those seed ticks stand out like beacons :o)

Hopefully as the goats feast on the brush and starts in that section we'll see less and less of those little annoyances. They have been so heavy this year. We started seeing them in February! I had really hoped with the longer span of good 'cold for Mississippi' weather we'd have seen less :o(

I need to hit the garden section that's tilled. Yesterday our dear friends at the feed store sent us home with 50# of seed potatoes and a pack of tomato plants! Gotta get planting and praying they aren't a waste here again this year!
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Stephanie said...

We have deer ticks here, and like you they say we are going to be knee deep in them this year :( Ahh the joys of the outdoors.

Have fun with your sewing, hope you get a lot accomplished!

LizBeth said...

Deanna, I have found NOAA to be very reliable. Their radar displays (Composite loop, etc.) are good reasons to keep an Internet service. We put them on auto refresh during spring storms here so we know when to head out to the booger hole. (Weather Channel has not been very accurate in our area, at least. Sometimes I have to wonder if the forecasts fluctuate on some of the commercial services so fast to keep you coming back to see the advertising.) Here is the link for Tupelo. You can change the settings to something to suit you.

We just had over four inches. Rained for more than 24 hours steady. Flat land CAN flood. The wheat farmers are ecstatic. We are looking at a bumper crop!! It is headed your way, sister. Your trash truck better stay in the county garage! LOL

Beth West said...

I can't remember if you have chickens or not, but chickens help with tick problems. Guinea fowl are supposed to be really good at eliminating ticks. Good eggs and meat too. The problem is that they are also very loud! If I could get Guinea fowl sans vocal chords, we would have a nice flock of them.

Oh - I haven't forgotten Prepare and Pray! I'm sorry to be dragging my heels on this, but we have had a stomach bug and a new grandbaby. I'm stalled out over wrapping it to mail. I. will. try. harder :)

Dawn said...

Do seed ticks or deer ticks cause lyme disease?
I wouldn't want any of ya'll to end up with that. :-/

Bless you,


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