Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby Burps...

I don't have any 'girly' flannels, but I did find some cute 'boy' fabrics in my stash.

I shared the link to these a while back (I'll look for was a free pattern) but basically it's just a long oval, about 18in x 9in, with a bit of shaping done (sort of hour-glass shape) and 2 flannels and some flat batting (mine is Warm & Natural batting).

You stitch right sides out, no turning just lay down one flannel right side DOWN, then lay your batting on top, then your other flannel right side UP and stitch around leaving a good 1/2in allowance or so. Then come back and snip around, every 1/4in or so. The object is you want to wash it a few times and allow it to fray alonf the edges.

That's it. Mine are printed on both sides, but a pretty print paired with a coordinating solid would be pretty as well. I'm going to do plenty of these as well. I had about 1/4 yard here and cut 4 pieces from that. With the other fabric then I will have 4 of these matching from both quarter yards. I'm thinking of pricing them in bundles of 2 coordinating colors for $8. That alone pays for a yard of most flannels, and I have plenty of the Warm & Natural batting here to do all I need.

Quick and easy to do up bunches, and there are so many pretty flannels. These and some bibs, then those dishcloths and sun bonnets, along with some baked goods and I think we're all set for a table at the farm market!
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Dawn said...

Farmers markets are fun. Do you set up there often?

That is a really good way to make some money...esp. with the baked goods..maybe make some homemade white and wheat bread too, that will sell quick. :)

Bless your weekend <><

Blessedmom said...

I love those! Much better than having to turn and topstitch! Thanks for sharing!


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