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I'm doing this post via the cell, so I can't link it, but hit the archives down the left sidebar and find the posts on the dishcloths...there is a great YouTube already linked.

If I remember right, it's via the Crochet Me site. Try Googling that, or just 'Tunisian Crochet Stitch'. The YouTube I linked had great tutorials for the regular stitch (what I did on most those square dishcloths, and that yellow one you saw in the post) as well as for the knit stitch and the purl stitch.

You'll need one of the long afghan hooks -- even WalMart still carries them with their little craft/yarn selection. My hook is a J, but a K works a good thickness as well.
Then just grab a couple balls of cotton, like the Peaches & Cream there at WalMart and off you go! The stitch is ultra easy and really, I believe it's easier to maintain a decent tension than with regular crocheting.
My cloths are all done with the J hook, chain 30, then work the afghan stitch/Tunisian stitch for about 26 rows or so. Then I crochet a couple rows of single or half-doubles for an edging. Then I block them with the iron and a spray bottle so they aren't so roll-y. Tunisian crochet rolls...don"t panic and give up!

The round dishcloth is worked in that same regular afghan stitch as well, just worked a bit differently across the rows, one extra stitch at a time until the foundation chain is finished, and each "swirl" builds on the one previous. Looks really pretty with variegated, but you could do 2 or even 3 coordinating colors (I did a cream and chocolate that's cute). It's called Tunisian Short Row, and I linked a YouTube for that as well in one of the posts.

You could do any number of chains to start, and work a nice, round baby blanket.

It is a really fun stitch, produces a nice thickness/texture, and works up really quick. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it!
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