Wednesday, March 24, 2010 crashes and Dewey Updates

Well, I've crashed. Or I've been attacked by a virus.

Either way, stupid computer won't let me open and run things, like the recovery or restore program.


Well, we'll see. I'm stubborn and this computer is just a tiny little netbook.

It doesn't stand much of a chance.

Oh...Dewey's off until April 19th. That is his "return to work/light duty" date as of today's visit. Won't see the surgeon again until the 14th.
I did get them to carve that in stone with blood for me so I could fax it off to the insurance. Good news is they can extend our short term to April 6th, rather than ending on the 2nd.

Bad news is, they already placed a stop on it today, so if we're lucky in a big way, we might get them to release a 2 day check next week. Then it could be a couple weeks before they get the other 2 1/2 checks approved.

Pain in the backside paper chains :o(

But, once it's ended, his company will pop out the lay-off, and they'll kick in with his week's vacation pay...or so's the news today. That will be nice, should it come to fruition.

Oh...and our Census form came. With a nice little postcard reminder that "it's Federal Law we fill it out and return it" in a timely manner; otherwise they will have to send out a real person to find us and fill it out themselves, and that costs the taxpayers (oh, wait...that would be me...) $25 for every in person response required.'s sitting on the ironing board right now. Sure hope I don't accidently misplace it.


Greg and Donna said...

It took less than 10 seconds to fill it out...we told them how many people live here. They don't need any of the other nosey stuff they asked for.

Stephanie said...

I did ours and put it in the mail. I put our names and the year we were born. That's it. And I only did that because some day, there may be someone like me, who needs those records to trace family history.

That was the only reason I was torn on the whole issue.


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