Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting Started In Emergency Preparedness

Here is an excellent site for a refresher course as it were on emergency prep, such as foods and food storage, water storage, etc. Really good stuff here worth keeping.

We will be adding to the rest of the supplies now that the 6 month plan is in place. Mainly things like beans, rice, wheat and flour, powdered milks, etc.

And water. Honestly, we lack decent water storage here in a big way. Can't rely on hitting the spring all the time as it's too far from the homestead. If anything is lacking in our pantry and storage set up here it's water (although there are plenty of things lacking I'm sure). Water is a big deal. The water is a bigger deal than the food in terms of survival.

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Scarlett said...

Thanks for the great link! I have been working on my emergency storage and am always looking for ideas as well. Water will be an issue for us as well. Same thing just not enough room to store so much. I do always have bleach on hand to purify with though.


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