Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rendering Pastured Poultry Fat - A Little Bit of Liquid Love?

I definitely see this in our chicken future here. We don't manage to keep enough chickens around here for this yet, but we did back north. We used to run 2 batches of 50 meat and had about 65 layers at any given time.

All that fat just gone to waste :o( Boy, am I feeling pretty foolish. Ohh, the wasted years of ignorance.
We'd like to get more chickens here. We really need more chickens here. If we can somehow keep the predator population at bay for them to grow to usable age, I am definitely going to do some rendering 'round here!

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Kirsty said...

I worked for years at a duck farm with on site processing. On a whim I asked to take home some of the waste duck fat. I re-rendered it and made some soap from it, it was beautiful and moisturising and head office order 400 bars to sell in Melbourne! If you manage to get enough fat try making soap it really is nice, sounds icky though.


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