Thursday, January 14, 2010

Need Inspiration? I've Got You Covered.

Ok, you knew I'd be popping in and out even with a week or so hiatus.  I'm just plain addicted to my Google Reader via the cell phone.  There's a ton of great blogs I check in with through there and I've put away a bunch of links to check out again later.

No goat babies yet, but Abigail-Goat, our ornery "seeing-eye companion" goat here really feels like she is ligament-gone at that tail head.  And ornery as ever.  Busted out of her pen last night at feeding and hid, literally, behind the crowd of fat ladies at the hay rack!  Took a while to collect her back into her own pen, but she's there and hopefully we'll see a baby soon now.  Would be nice if it had just a small portion of her 'tude and not a full serving :o)

Sewing Inspiration:
Ok, sewing jeans.  I do this.  It's not the most difficult thing to sew, but it isn't a walk in the park, either.  I make broadfalls for the boys, and I will probably be making bib overalls this summer for the crew as well.  My sewing machine, a Janome Memory Craft 6600, will sew through multiple layers of even thick denim and corduroy...which is why my eldest and husband bought it for me :o)  Technically it's real life would be as a quilting machine, but as I seem to be technically-challenged when it comes to quilting, I just sew our clothing with it.

But I usual...over at While They Sleep blog, she has repurposed some easy to find clothing and accessories into more usable clothing.  The jeans, in this particular case, toddler sized, are top of the list.  She shares how she used a thrift store of give-away pair of jeans and basically cut them down to toddler size very easily. There is also a Fitted Sheet Skirt and some really cute Mary Janes repurposed from a thrift store leather handbag!  Oh the time-saving!  Oh the recycling! is easy being green after all :o)

Fun Foodie Crafting:
And, for the toddlers in the house again...or even slightly older ones who simply like this kind of thing (like me!)  Passionate About Crafting has been sharing her crafting of Felt Foods for a toddler kitchen.  Granted, she started a bit earlier than most of us would be thinking....said 'toddler' for that kitchen is a mere babe in arms yet, but hey, in a couple years when that great toddler kitchen set comes her way, watch out Emeril!

She has made everything you might imagine so far...bacon and eggs, pancakes and sausage, cookies and a cookie jar, cupcakes, doughnuts, sandwiches, name it, she is working on it.  What an idea!  And so cute!  And for so many other great crafting freebies and ideas to inspire, check out her many other pages while there as well.  She is a true craft maven!

Real Foodie Fun:

Ella's Old Fashioned Momma has been talking Freezer Cooking lately, and she shared a great site she was using again and again for ideas for meals in the freezer.  A commenter even shared some great thoughts...and has a great blog of recipes and tips herself..she actually has a few different blogs worth viewing so check them all out!  Here are the Organizing Junkie Freezer Cooking Links  Hey Debi...wanna join in on their February Challenge -- Getting organized in 28 Days???

And, following great link on Cheesy Chicken Quessadillas...YUM...from Common Sense Homesteading, I drifted over to a great recipe/tutorial for 100% Soaked Whole Wheat Tortillas over at Kitchen Stewardship.  Definitely adding that blog to my Reader! 

Ok...there you go...I moved straight along the line there for you...sewing practical stuff, sewing fake food and ending with some real food worth checking out.  Every little blurb just as practical and useful...and tummy filling :o)  It's the producer in me.  Ok, it's really the Type A portion creeping in silently, but you got your money's worth today, right?  That's the truly important thing in today's economy you know.

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Love to be the newbie blog on the block/reader!
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