Friday, January 15, 2010

FS: Prairie Primer

You can find plenty of online descriptions of The Prairie Primer by Marjorie Gray. Her great book studies are sold through Cardon Creek at

I bought a new Primer a couple years ago because my original spiral-bound copy was missing. I had loaned it to a friend and well, you know how that goes. Things get misplaced and forgotten overtime.

Well, I have it back now and though we're a large family, this is one book I simply don't need 2 copies of.

My new copy, with the 2000 date, has our name written on the first page, upper right corner. Aside from that it's like-new condition. The binding is very tight, no marks, etc. We paid $45 and shipping when purchased. I'm asking $25 for my copy.

What do you say? It needs a good home :o). Drop me an email at hands n hearts farm (at) yahoo (dot) com...obviously without the spaces :o). Or leave a comment with your email address --no one will see it as my comments are still moderated here.

Let's find the Primer a good home :o)

BTW -- I'm always open for the idea of a barter, so if you have something you aren't using, feel free to let me know!

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