Monday, January 11, 2010

The Deliberate Agrarian: Harvesting Biochar(From My Woodstove)

I have always gleaned so much from following Mr Kimball but I'm very interested in this recent sharing of his. I joked a while back about gleaning charcoal from my woodstove. Obviously there's several great advantages to charcoal harvesting.

With our miserable soil here, I'm game for anything! I've been saving those 'chunks' all along without any serious idea in mind. The ash, though I would like to make some homemade lye for soap-making, has pretty much all been going straight to the garden. Even given a lengthy cold spell like this, 2 cords of wood is probably all we'll go through this season, so there's a good amount, but it could be more.

Oh -- no, I'm still on a blog break, but this came thru my cell and I wanted to pass it along. And the load bread has been much better with each batch. I've really beeb tweaking the wood amounts as well as the flue adjustments.


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Chris said...

I heard about biochar a few months ago from a friend of mine. I never thought that something as simple as charcoal could do so much for the soil and the environment.

I was amazed after reading "The Biochar Revolution" from

Check it out. It was a great help in opening my mind to issues that affect us all.


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