Sunday, January 3, 2010

Homeschooling: Lewis and Clark

Another curriculum I am really looking forward to getting is Paths of Exploration from Geomatters. We already have the Trail Guide to the US Geography is one we really enjoy. I'd like to move on to Trail Guide to World Geography next year or so.

At any rate, Paths of Exploration, part of the Trail Guide to Learning series, is set up similarly, and with the complete package, you have all the needed resources together. Here is the resource list for volume 1 and volume 2. You can download the sample pages and see what's covered here. There are 2 more volumes in the works...this one focuses on the shaping of a nation with Columbus, the pilgrims, Jamestown, Daniel Boone and on to Lewis and Clark.

The next portion, Paths of Settlement, (releasing this summer) will continue along the same trail with George Washington, Paul Revere, Abigail Adams, Lincoln and more.

The next portion, Paths of Progress (tentative release date for summer 2011) will forge ahead with Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Morse, the Industrial Revolution, Thomas Edison and so on.

At any rate, Lewis and Clark...Sacagawea...there are plenty of routes to take for study:

Netflix offers: Lewis and Clark Journey of the Corps of Discovery, Great Journey West, Explorers of The New Frontier, Sacagawea here and here, and a portion covering Lewis and Clark here.
There are some bits here, on America's Explorers and Pioneers as well.


Catherine Anne said...

Thanks for this. Great post!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how old your kids are, so I don't know how appropriate it would be for them, but have you heard of The Thomas Jefferson Hour? It's a podcast in which a noted historian plays Thomas Jefferson and is interviewed about his life and the country during his time. Then, for the second half of the show the man portraying Jefferson gets interviewed. It's really incredibly interesting, and they have hundreds of episodes online for free.

I thought of it, because "Jefferson" frequently talks about Lewis and Clark, particularly Lewis, who was a family friend.


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