Sunday, January 3, 2010

Homeschooling: The Civil War

Our Busy Homeschool also has a great list of books to use for Civil War study.

You have the Liberty Kids PBS series, with activities to go along, and it's available through Netflix as well.

There are some good documentaries through Netflix for Civil War viewing, we like Ken Burns' work, like this one. And this on Gettysburg, Sherman's March, touching on slavery (although the British end) with William Wilberforce and The Better Hour.

There are documentaries on Civil War Commanders, Civil War Combats, Guns of The Civil War, The Last Days of The Civil War. The second part of this covers the Civil War (first part is the Revolutionary War)

The online/download reading of G.A. Henty books, such as With Lee in Virginia.

The Underground Railroad here and here. And Slave Narratives, Slavery: The Making of America.

Abraham Lincoln here and here and here though you will easily find many more.

There is a great listing here US History: Jamestown to Reconstruction of Netflix titles covering all courses of US History and politics and such.

And the ArchaeoLink page on The Civil War...there are several other topics on the pages there worth checking out as well.

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