Sunday, January 3, 2010

Homeschooling: Ancient Egypt

I'm still toying around with what to do with our history lessons. I've been following the great ideas at Our Busy Homeschool and am intrigued.

She is working out a unit on Ancient Egypt and Simple Mahcines, and shares her book listing here I love her book thoughts so far, and the Edheads site is neat. She shares a link to the Homeschool Share unit on Ancient Egypt as well. Loved it. And looking over the Simply Charlotte Mason history ideas, they start the same way. Their eBook is here, and the sample download gives you a great overview of the topic covered. We will use that for sure.

And also at Netflix, there's Egypt's Golden Empire...andsome other videos to potentially look at here, and here including several goodies on King Tut and Pyramids, and here with the First Civilizations.

You also have Henty's Cat of Bubastes for reading aloud. Here is it at Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg, and here is a whole list of Henty titles for free online/download reading.

Here are some more sites to check out:
Life in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt at Shambles with lots of links -- how to make a mummy, building a paper Sphinx, a scale model of the great Pyramid and more! The paper building site, Paper Toys, has a lot to offer so be sure to bookmark it!
Ancient Egypt Online site...lots of pages to explore, including some good ones on daily life.
Guardians: Ancient Egypt Kids Connection site -- links to coloring book pages, making a paper Egyptian mask, a heiroglyphic converter, etc.
Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans frojm Archaeo Link (this is one to keep in a file...there are several other lesson link shared, such as Civil War, Presidents, Ancient China and more) Here are some pages for Egypt itself here and here.

So much to choose from!


LizBeth said...

Love your new blog look! So pretty!


Blessedmom said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! We will definately be gleaning ideas for our Ancient Egypt study this year.

In His Grace,

Egyptian Statue Fan said...

Another great resource is "If I Were a Kid In Egypt." A nice "kids-eye" view of life during this fascinating period in world history.

Rose said...

Have you looked at Greenleaf Press? They have a bunch of stuff, too, that is real good. They start with the Bible, and go thru Ancient Egypt, and so forth through History. The site is


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