Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Such a Cute Apron!

I'm addicted to fabric.

There. I admited it. It's ok -- Dewey has known this for quite a while now.

I don't know what made me look at pattern books, but I did and stumbled across this one from Simplicity Crafts (#5201). It covers sizes S-M-L-XL (up to a 44-46 bust, but I bet it has a bit more give than that...we'll soon see!)

I'm finishing some orders now, but I hope to get this cut and sewn soon to see how I like it.

Amy -- if you see this yet this week, I haven't checked, but I believe I could do this apron with your fabric if you prefer it over the Amish Kitchen/Canning apron (you can see that pattern at Candle on The Hill...). I'm not saying change your mind....just setting out an idea :o)

I do think this is a nice looking apron...I really hope it wears as nicely as I think it might.


Anonymous said...

I just bought this pattern as well and I'm looking forward to sewing it up in some new fabric I just well as some from my stash...and I completely understand about being addicted to husband doesn't understand. :)

Stephanie said...

Are you taking orders for aprons yet?

Lisa said...

I have a pattern very similiar to that one and love it! BTW... my name is Lisa and I'm a fabriholic too. :)

Happy sewing!


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