Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Little House series

We finished The Long Winter recently. What an adventure! In this day of plenty, even given the economy, I cannot imagine a family going through what the Ingalls' did the winter of 1880 without food, barely having enough heat, being snowed in from even the buildings across the street.

Would that happen these days? I just don't think so. Of course, I'm a prepper sort of person, and I do believe things will fall apart soon enough to where perhaps that long winter won't look quite so foreign, but still....

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Pages -- from the herbert Hoover Presidential Library
Pioneering Journeys of The Ingalls Family -- from the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library
Laura Ingalls activities -- from The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

Easy Fun School has some of the best units I've come across for a variety of things. Here are their pages for the books of the Little House series They also list the titles for the books that came later by other authors, The Martha Years, The Charlotte Years, The Caroline Years, and The Rose Years

A nice sharing of lapbook pages for The Long Winter

Of course, a great addition to any Little House study is The Prairie Primer. You can find it used through Amazon as well.

If you don't already have this in your homeschool library, you can find it online free...Webster's 1828 Dictionary. It's a wonderful dictionary and many of the words are defined using Scriptural references. Makes for great copywork!

And here is a blogger doing the whole series, and sharing plenty of thoughts and ideas along the way, Momof2GirlyGirlz She has linked some great finds including plenty of videos covering various topics related to the stories, other pages, etc. Her We Love the Prairie Primer blog is a definite keeper to follow along!

Another blogger doing Little House on The Prairie is here at Kath's Korner.

And of course, The Perkins Family, who has had a Prairie page for some time now.

And here's a YahooGroup based on The Prairie Primer, PrairiePrimerPluses, with files and friends sharing ideas for each of the books.
Here are some other Prairie Primer users group lisitngs, too.


Dawn said...

I have the 1828 Webster Dictionary. Love it!
Found it at Mardel (Christian bookstore). Hubby was like 'a dictionary is a dictionary' and I said 'not this one'. Hee hee.


Disney made a mini series a year or two back that stars the gal from the Love Comes Softly series and I have been meaning to get my hands on the DVD but keep forgetting.

I don't know, I think we can still learn from LHOTP, but that's just me...

Bless you!

Donna said...

I have the books from the "Caroline Years" and they are really good!

Dana said...

I love LHOTP, in fact I have read all the other books too,The Martha Years, The Charlotte Years, The Caroline Years, and The Rose Years.

They are all very good books.

I am with Dawn in that we can all learn from those books, every time I reread them I get reinspired to be more self sufficiant and do more for our home and our family.

I've never done any of the study pages though, but I'm thinking I might need to check into those!!

Thanks for the great posts.

Paula said...

I love the Little House books and have read them so many times over the years. It's just like all the LM Montgomery books, they are still good even as we get older. I can't wait to start reading them to Ella.


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