Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Virtual Cookie Exchange: Chocolate Truffles

These are some we've made a few times for special occasions. They are delicious plain, but I like to add a touch of peppermint extract to them for the holidays!

Chocolate Truffles
2 ½ pks (20 sq,) Bakers Semi Sweet chocolate
1 pkg softened cream cheese
Sprinkles or crushed nuts for topping

Melt 8 sq. chocolate. Beat cream cheese on medium until creamy. Add in melted chocolate and mix well (** see note on flavoring below). Cover and chill 1 hour until firm.
Cover baking sheet with waxed paper. Shape chocolate/cheese mix into 36 balls using 2 tsp. of mix. Place single layer on sheet.

Melt remaining chocolate sqs. Dip each truffle in chocolate to coat, top with sprinkles of choice, place on baking sheet. Chill until firm. Keep covered in refrigerator.

**can add 1-2 tsps extract, such as almond, peppermint, cherry, etc. if desired.

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Queenbuffness said...

OH! MY ever-expanding waist n thighs!!! This sounds wonderful! My tummy and chocoholic taste buds thankyou, my hate-to-work-out backside? Not so much...


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