Friday, October 2, 2009

When Garbage Trucks Go Bad

I went out with the shovel -- thought they were just stuck like they get *every* Friday.
Imagine my surprise when I saw the shovel wasn't going to do the trick this week :o)

Said 'Waste Removel Engineer' literally SLID sideways on our road, embedding his heavy rear-end into the burm on our side and dropping half my roadway into the so-called ditch on the other.

We've complained a few times about the hillbilly methods of road construction over here, but this one might help us out. There is NO base at all. We are solid, wet/muck gray clay sludge here with a sprinkling of what they call gravel on top of that.

Well...we used to have that. Today all I have are dually ruts my mud boots can't be seen in.

I took several pictures --I'll add some more to this post later this evening -- and even a picture of our glorious MDOT workers pulling the garbage man out with the big monster mowing tractor. I plan to take more when they come to 'fix' the road today.

Yes, they'll be here today. It's basically impossible for anyone without a monster truck jacked about 2 foot off the ground to even attempt to get through.

Might send a few good shots to MDOT too to remind them why they get paid in this county.

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