Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday,'s, sewing business links, etc

...and the start of hunting season around these parts, or so I've been told. Dewey's been working to much, because he never said a word. I like fresh venison, and I wouldn't mind a fresh turkey next month, but other than that, all hunting season really means for me is that the majority of my property is off-limits now unless I dress like The Great Pumpkin.. Everyone hunts with high-powered rifles. It's not safe to be out in the nether-regions of our wooded property during hunting season. We've shot a few times with that big time rifle/shot gun/whatever-it's-called and seen the path it takes -- we literally followed the broken branches and ripped bark all the way from front to the back of the property.

Being an autumn person, high-powered, hunt-from-your-4-wheeler surrounding my property just make me depressed.

But, that's fine. I have enough to keep me hoppin' inside for at least a little while. First off, it's COLD this morning. Only showing 50 on the temps right now. It's not too bad at 62 inside, not exactly woodstove weather yet, but maybe tomorrow morning...just to clean to cobwebs out of the pipes :o) I think we're supposed to be around 62 for the high tomorrow, and rains might be joining that.

Sewing. Always a list in the works. The overall want and need list looks like this (although I'm always revising it...I'm a never-done kind of person I guess)

Olders/Myself: 3 winter dresses, nightgown, 2 sets underthings (slips and the like), 2 veils,
Middles: 3 winter dresses, nightgowns, 3 sets underthings, 2 kapps,
Boys: 3 pants, 4 shirts, chore jackets, pj sets, boxers

I have 2 dresses done for the middles, and nightgowns, working on pj pants today, as well as the boxers, and I need to do some small training type pants for Emily, too. The olders have 1 dress done, but I need to get the patterns done for the slips and such, and I haven't even measured and done up the patterns for the chore jackets or boy's shirts yet. Dewey wants a shirt as well for these chilly mornings. I have plenty of pattern work to do today and those pj pants. thankfully they whip up very quickly.

I also have had a handful of folks very interested in whether or not I'm goingt o start offering out sewing again. I wasn't exactly fishing for orders when I mentioned it, although I suppose I was testing the waters with the idea again. I posted it on our other blog and a dear Sister I've known for a while asked if I was serious, she was needing some dresses.

Looks like I might have another short business run. We didn't do too bad last time I did sewing for folks, so maybe we can get a little extra feed money coming in for a while. I don't have any special 'list' really, and I don't have any thoughts at all on prices yet either. LOL...I'm just so on top of things, heh? Here's what we did offer before:

Cape-Style, rounded neckline, 3/4 sleeves: $35 standard cut, sizes S-XL

Ladies Plain dress, no cape: $28, sizes S-XL

Girl's Plain dress, rounded neckline, 3/4 sleeves: $25 standard cut, sizes 8-14 With Cape: $28

Girl's Plain dress, rounded neckline, button-front bodice, short or long sleeves: $25 standard cut, sizes 2-6, $28 standard cut, sizes 8-14

Plain Pinafore-style Apron: $15 girls

Plain Amish Kitchen Apron: $20 women's sizes S-M-L-XL, $22 with large pocket, right or left side as requested

Gathered bodice Prairie Apron, full length: $25 S-M-L (I'm still working on this one...)

Headcovering styles:

Charity or Hanging-style veil: $7.00

Gathered kapp style: $9.00

Cloth Snood style: $9.00

Anna Style Covering: $7.00 (veil that covers ears and ties under chin)

Prairie Bonnet: girls $12.00/ladies $15.00 *can also be made in matching fabrics to fit 18" doll, $6.00

I just never know how to price things. I suppose the thing is to ask me questions...ask about sending your own fabric and I may have a price per hour for just sewing stuff. Most of my fabrics are solid colors, with a few prints here or there at times. Time being what it is in a large family with lots of daily needs, I'd like to stick as much as possible to standard sized items and not so much the custom sort of sewing. With that in mind, things like the elastic-waist dresses, elastic in sleeves, etc, are all given extra inches and left pinned instead of stitched together. That way you can adjust them to your own personal comfort. Even someone who has never seen, let alone touched a needle, can put a couple stitches in the ends of the elastic :o)

Well....enough playing with the draft of this entry -- time to put it out there and get back to the sewing machine. I'll do up some coverings and try to get photo's to list as ready-mades. LOL...maybe a ready-made list is the way to go :o)

Oh -- those garbage truck vs road photos:

just for an idea, the front tires are making a new ditch there across the road, and the back end, embedded in the burm you can't really see is on my driveway. He is sideways and blocking my entire road, although that's not hard to do, we can't pass another car on it anyway it's so narrow.

that's my road there, all smooshed and rolled toward the ditch...such a great base we have huh?

the ruts left behind from the back pairs of tires...that's all clay muck there...

and Matthew came up from barn chores to demonstrate the depth of ruts we had after the tractor removed the garbage truck...that's not my ditch, btw...the ditch is actually behind the little burm where he's standing. I had 2 ditches for half a day...not that I think that would help with the water flow after rains, though.


LizBeth said...

Yikes! There is just no end to the adventures around your place. Glad you still have Matthew. Hope his boots came back with him. Liz

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Do you have pictures of the aprons?


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