Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Hampshire & Vermont State Study

I know, I know...I'm always behind on sharing the things I plan to keep on top of. Things get busy. I take notes and jot things all over. Then have to hunt them up all over again.

That's sort of what the blog here is for...sort of my day-planner and file cabinet.

Here is the New Hampshire State Almanac
some fun pages there include the Covered Bridges, the Famous New Hampshire-ites, NH Firsts, all the basic State information, and the sometimes un-intersting part of a state study...the economic view of the state

Here are the Fast 50 you can find for every State

And the Weird and Strange Tidbits about the great state of New Hampshire from their Tourism Guide

And Vermont...oh, I can imagine the glorious colors up there!

The Vermont Official State Site
with your regular goodies...Historic Vermont Timeline, on the same page you can also find links for the Revolutionary War, Bridges and Shipwrecks, U.S. Presidents, and Early Settlements.

Historical Events listed by Month

Vermont's Fast 50 Facts and the Facts & Statistics as shared by the site

The Animal Life of Vermont...and some strange you can be arrested for painting your horse...and you can be fined if your pig runs loose in a state park....
and just for fun, here is a page listing all sorts of weird laws regarding animals of all sorts in every state (these are hilarious!)

And just a site we found great for reference....The Mammal Species of The World, from The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
We love these pages!

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