Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wet Again Today

We're going to focus on read-alouds and math today I think. It's rather dark inside with all the dreary rain and clouds outside.

Yes, my dear husband is an electrician. Yes, we do have lighting inside. Well, unless you count the 2 lamps in the 'gathering room' here where the bulbs have bit the dust....and I haven't bought any to replace them. It's my way of moving off the grid, I suppose.

It makes for dark days when it's cloudy out, but it's also very cozy and we have no shortage of lanterns...just light bulbs for the 'real' lamps.

Either way, we have State Study reading and questions to do, and regular math. I need to do some alterations on a pair of the broadfalls I made...sad that I am, darn pockets are backwards! backwards. How on earth do I put them in backwards? Some days I'm a dolt living in a fog :o( I need to start the cape dress for the mom as well. And dinner...I'm thinking No Peek Chicken. Or I might just make a Chicken Casserole (Tuna Casserole but with, well, chicken...).

Speaking of dinner, I've added a bunch of recipes I've had tucked away waiting, as well as some new finds, to Our Kitchen Blog.

I need to make up some pies this weekend, too, for Dewey's lunches. I'm planning to do some individual sized ones as I have plenty of those tins in the pantry. And with pies, there is always cinnamon crusts ;o) Probably the only reason I make pie crust, really. We spread the "left-over crust dough (ok...I actually make lots of extra for "left-overs") with butter and cinnamon sugar mix, roll it up and bake it on a sheet. I used to sneak these when Mom baked pies...they are just totally fattening I'm sure, but darn good just the same!

And I need to figure out the menu, which I've been very slack on doing lately :o( I mentioned messing up the budget -- and I still don't see what I did -- and we'd be eating from the pantry stores for a while. That sort of sounded not right. We eat from the pantry stores all the time here. I don't go 'grocery shopping' on any regular basis at all really. I might find a recipe I want to try and not have this or that, we may need more items, such as powdered milk, honey, etc. or maybe a can of cream of mushroom soup as I don't tend to have mushrooms around often. But for the most part, we eat based on the freezer contents and the pantry shelves. I mix and match dinners around what we have, not what recipes I find.

LOL, could be why no two meals are ever truly the same here! Roast one night isn't going to taste much like the next roast. That chicken casserole we might have tonight isn't going to taste like the next one I make. I'm a recipe on the fly type. Drives me nuts when I want a recipe my Mom has and she can only guess-timate the ingredients because she just had an idea once, made something and now it's Lord Knows What Goes In It Next Time! But, that's becoming how I cook anymore too.

And speaking of that Like Mother, Like Daughter...lest someone else tell you my little funny from yesterday, I'd best spill the beans myself!
Driving home from Tupelo, hitting the back roads, I saw something way up ahead crossing the road. I'm talking way up there...I'm not ready for bifocals you know! Anyway, I don't know, but my mind sort of thought turkey. And the thought stuck. As I neared where it had crossed the gravel road, I caught the glimpse of a dark rounded sort of figure and a tall 'neck' in the grasses along the ditch. I told the children to look at the turkey.

Can you see where this is headed yet?

It wasn't a turkey. It wasn't even distantly related to the fowl family at all.

It was the south-bound end of a north-bound black dog...with his tail (that 'neck' I saw) poked up in the air.

And he wasn't struttin' about, either.

He was actually marking his turf.

Probably for the other turkeys that might be about the area.

If you know my family, my Mother in particular, you can see a definite family resemblence here with this story. I'm destined for a life of great family stories for my children to pass along about their grandmother....same as I have done for them about my Mother.

Man, the nut certainly doesn't fall far from the family tree, does it?

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