Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ahh, critics and others...

I've been asked many times about why on earth I have an email address on my blog when it's rather obvious that I just chap some folks (yeah, ok, many folks, I suppose, truth be told) the wrong way. Forget the fact I have an opinion and have no quirks about sharing it. That's just me. I am who I am, folks. Like me, don't like me...honestly, in the grand scheme of things, it all comes down to a simple point: it doesn't matter.

This isn't Sesame Street, you know. I'm not Barney....I like you, you like me, we're a happy family...nope, not here. Not everyone is going to like me...or you, for that matter. Not everyone is going to like what you say, what you wear, where you live, how you live, what you say...oh, said that twice, heh?

It was shared with me recently that I'm being spoken about out there in internet land. As my blog is not closed or private, I suppose someone somewhere has picked this or that in my blog, my shared links, etc. and passed them along elsewhere. Same as I do here on my blog with recipes, quotes, ideas and so forth from others. That's the life of the internet folks. Someone once told me that having a blog is like being a movie star...people are going to hound you constantly, waiting to find your loose strings to pull. Well, I don't know that I'd call bloggers 'famous' at all, but if you've been around for a while (ugh, I've been blogging too long actually...yes, that whole empty vessels make the most noise addage...) someone is going to follow you, keep tabs on what you say, how you say it and where you back-step yourself. Folks are going to talk about you somewhere, it's just inevitable. This is the new 'back fence' gossip fest, blogging is.

Apparently, though, this particular 'sharing' regarding me/my blog was someone not being happy with what I share.

Yep. Go figure. Someone out there doesn't like me. I'm not making light of it, really I'm not. But to send me a note telling me someone out there doesn't like me....hello, this isn't high school you know. I'm not really sure what the expected outcome of the email was, but I'm guessing that it was an attention-getter, something to get me to vocalize about the fact I'm being selected as not liked out there, so that perhaps I might back-step myself and provide even more 'ammunition' for those who disagree. Sorry if this doesn't do that for you, but I don't think I back-step myself often. I am who and what I am.

So, here's my thoughts, such as they usual are:

1. the initial comment was directed toward my being "pro-war" which honestly shows a complete lack of knowledge of what I stand for, let alone what I've written anywhere on my blogs, my groups, forums, etc. I am not a pro-war person...sitting comfortably here in safety while others are fighting battles and living in the midst of it all day to day.
What I am is a pro-soldier person. I suppose someone might link that to being pro-war, but in my heart, it is completely different. I do not in any way, shape, or form support the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever else any soldiers happen to be taking up arms against others.

What I do support, however, is those men and women, on all sides. In our military today, most often the catalyst for joining up is educational benefits. I have several friends, and several family members currently serving, or previously serving in various branches of the military. I don't know of a single one who jumped up one day and said hey, I want to go strap on body armor and grab a gun and fight in some foreign country.

I will not debate on whether or not Scriptures call us to be pacifist. The most commonly interpreted form of non-resistance quoted is when Christ instructs the disciples to resist not evil or turn to him also the other cheek.
Here's just a sampling of doctrinal notes on's a Commandment (thou shalt not kill) The Lord is also called Prince of Peace (not Prince of War...), turn the other cheek, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you...Paul says to recompense to no man evil for evil, live peaceably, etc.

I could go on with many other references to not engage in war, strife, quarrels, etc. but I'm sure everyone has heard them. Fact is, we live in a fallen world. True enough, were we all living the Scriptures as written without man's faulty interpretation warping it at every sermon, we would have no need for war or disagreement of any kind. But, that's not the world we live in. It will not ever return to a Garden of Eden again...that is simply something we are not promised.

However, there are men and women, being taught moral character, honor and the current wave of Christianity via the pulpit of mainstream America, who believe they are fighting for a better life...a life more directed toward out those values daily to the best of their ability...who are serving this country because of those same values and morals. Like the song says, you've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything. We do not teach non-resistance in our churches today. We teach very little of anything truly Biblical and honest, truth be told, because mainstream folks aren't interested in hearing that hard stuff. They want their Sundays to be pretty, full of fluff and lightness. Nothing a line by line, precept by precept teaching of true Scripture. I will not deny my prayers to our soldiers for what they believe they are doing, whether I agree with the act itself or not. If I were to do that, I could just as easily deny my prayers to those not saved through the Blood and Grace of Christ yet. I could deny my prayers to those living in heathen, unGodly countries. The list could go on and on.

2. apparently I am wrong to dare consider my self a Christian because of this seeming connection to military/war issues and not a definite stand on non-resistance.

That, I'm not sorry to say out loud, is just utter stupidity. I could just as easily claim you are not Christian because you dress worldly. You could be considered not Christian because you have a cell phone. Maybe you aren't Christian because you drive a new car. Maybe you are not Christian because you worship on Saturday instead of Sunday. Or because you attend this church instead of that one. Or because you are not following a strict, Levitical diet. Hogwash. (whoops...that's not Levitical now is it?)

Good grief, folks, if any of that were the case, there would be absolutely no Christians in this country at all. Dress is not a sign of Christianity. Oh I know, I wear cape dresses, headcoverings, etc. and I do honestly see a clear and direct call to dressing modestly, not as the world, not as the opposite sex, etc. in Scriptures, but to say one is not Christian because of the fabrics they wear on their bodies...or the cars the drive...or anything else there...that is insane. I am not one who believes in 'tolerance' and all that, either, but the casting of stones is just flat out too common among so-called Christian brethren. I know what I believe, and I stand behind those beliefs 100% because I am convicted of them through Christ, not through man. However, I am open enough to listen to the beliefs of others and study them out as well. The Lord directs my path, not internet gossips.

All I can say is if you disagree with me, good for you. Blog about it, take your stand and let your voice be heard. I even welcome disagreements here...provided you can be adult and play nice (and yes, I suppose it all comes down to my version of playing nice vs yours), but I will not debate my Christianity with anyone, especially anonymous internet trolls who stand behind nothing they say and lack the courage of their own convictions to be open and honest. As I said, I am who I am. It isn't about "transparency" here, I just believe what I believe and I am not one to be shy about it. If you truly believe I am wrong, step out in the light, as a true brother or sister in Christ and let's discuss my faults as you see them. You don't grow as a Christian without sharpening iron against iron.

At least that's what my Bible teaches.


Donna said...

Good for you! Your Christianity is between you and the Lord. Your clothing, lifestyle, support of the troops, etc. it between you and the Lord.

Unfortunately there are many folks in the world today who are only happy if they are stirring up trouble.

I appreciate your point of view and even though our lifestyles are different we are both Women created by the Lord and daily serving him, our husbands and our families.

Stephanie said...


Scarlett said...

Oh good grief. I think that a person who calls themselves a Christian and then sits in judgment of someone else needs to spend some time in the Bible. As far as I am concerned to not care about our troops who are over there risking their lives for us, would not be very Christian at all. As far as dress, I also wear the dresses and head covering, and my understanding of the scripture is likely different than many others who do the same thing. That doesn't matter really does it? I think that instead of judging anyone based on their political beliefs or what they wear, I will just let God stand in that judgment and it will mean far less stress on my shoulders!

LizBeth said...

Well, it might be a sign of the times.

People who won't think for themselves are always offended by those who do.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, love your blog and read it every day. You are absolutely 100% right when you said that if we were all living what the Bible teaches there would be no war. If everyone in the world respected everyone else, their beliefs, their way of dress, diet, etc. there probably would be no war. Unfortunately we don't live in that kind of a world and I applaud anyone who is trying to live a quiet, peaceful life, the way Jesus (or whatever he is called in whatever religion) teaches. I sincerely hope you don't stop blogging and sharing your wonderful wisdom and recipes because of this one person.

queenbuffness said...

Amen and amen. Thankyou for having convictions that you live by, voice and defend. Thankyou for having convictions based on scripture and not just an idea that "feels right". Thankyou for blogging about them so I can have a chance to ponder them and be refreshed and encouraged. Mostly, thankyou for being who you am and what you am!!

MrsL said...

I only visit occasionally, but needed to comment on your post here. What a refreshing change to get someone standing up for themselves and their beliefs in a mature and considred way; taking time to reinforce your views and opinions by being yourself, not pretending, via a blog, to be something or somebody you're not. There's an awful lot of this pretending out there in blogland, some of it startlingly obvious too. The only folks they're fooling are themselves. To thine own self be true, and all that.
More power to your elbow, and thankyou for writing your post.



Dana said...

Wow, you would think that if someone had such a problem with the way you and your family have decided to live your life that they wouldn't be reading your blog. If they are so upset with what you have posted and thus feel the need to condem you Honestly they should just go read another blog or start their own.

Personally I like the blog, I read here mainly for stories of taking care of a large family and doing it frugally, cooking, crafts, etc etc.

To each his own, I hope you continue to blog, I have been a stay at home mom for the past 8 yrs we have 2 boys 8 and 5 and a baby girl bun in the oven, I am working towards more of a frugal lifestyle, including more gardening, sewing and canning and whatever I can do to save the hard earned money that my husband makes for his family, learning more about those things from a woman with more children than I have whose been doing it longer than I have is why I read here every single day!!

Please keep blogging!!


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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