Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shonda Parker - Fear-Mongering About Swine Flu

Shondra Parker shared some wonderful thoughts about 'public health safety' the recent National Emergency rating on H1N1 Flu and fear-mongering over what lies ahead regarding it all.

I'm not saying Do or Don't on anything, H1N1 or whatever.

What I am saying, and what I always try to get across when I soapbox around my blogs is if you are not willing to put time and personal effort into checking out the facts, on both or all sides of any issue, and make a truthful, full of understanding and knowledge decision and stand, you have no business making any decisions, period.

Don't buy into the government candy sale on every issue. Do some research and learn some things out for yourself. Don't listen to my soapboxes, or those that anyone else stands on either. We are making decisions that are right, given the time and season for our own families. You may have other issues at hand to factor in.

But don't listen to a group of gossips and chatterboxes telling you what you should do or should believe. Half of them aren't informed past their pinky toe, and they usually have agendas they are following. Dig in and be a big girl...make your own decisions based on unbiased FACTS...not clouded opinions.

For this house and family, we will not take a flu shot, H1N1 or otherwise. Period. What you do in your family is up to you. I don't need to agree or disagree. Neither does anyone else.

Excerpt from Ms Parker's Blog--
:::How can a state of National Public Health Emergency not benefit us as citizens?

I think the fair citizens of this nation would find accurate statistics more compelling in being able to appreciate a declaration of National Public Health Emergency rather than statements regarding swine flu which cannot be verified by the nation's own CDC, which ceased tracking swine flu numbers July 24th, tracking now only "influenza-like illnesses" and has also announced in its MMWR the quick test for swine flu had only a 40% chance at accuracy.

In fact, all tests for swine flu, or novel H1N1, were rushed to market without adequate testing due to the state of emergency declared.

So, how do we not benefit as citizens by a National Public Health Emergency? Well, let's talk about the powers granted during a state of National Public Health Emergency:
- More of our, the citizens, money is freed for an already over-spending administration to spend, further increasing our national debt, and the risk to our future economy;
- Unapproved tests may be, and were, rushed to market without adequate testing for accuracy (, and drugs may be given to children, pregnant women, and others in high risk groups which otherwise are considered not okay for those groups due to risks with the vaccine components, an example of which would be the recent override of the "no thimerosal" in vaccines – thimerosal is a mercury-containing organic compound used as a preservative in vaccines (mercury is toxic to humans in small doses) (;
- Potential travel bans may occur, which has the potential to harm US businesses which rely on travel abroad, further undermining the faltering economy;
- More people will go to the doc's office or emergency rooms for flu-like symptoms and possibly be isolated and quarantined, resulting in higher costs of healthcare and loss of work-time, and over-treated - there is a very real risk to citizens to the effects of antiviral drugs such as Tamiflu, not to mention the problem of increasing resistance of some flu strains to anti-virals ( given indiscriminately to everyone for fear they "might" have H1N1 and "might" be one of those who have serious complications (;
- Citizens could be forced to have a vaccine they do not choose to have and one that is already showing very real risks to the citizenry. Informed consent? Not an issue during public health emergencies, at least not a problem for those with the power to make you take it;

- Citizens could be forced to stay home from work in areas of outbreak, potentially undermining family solvency and thus the overall economy. Now, I've long been an advocate (see post below) of staying home when you're ill. But, let's see, if the public were made aware they need to stay home while ill, or until an exposure period has been exhausted, there'd be a way to lessen spread without resorting to mass quarantine of the well in addition to the sick.:::

There is many other good points...if you are willing to skip the media's version of truth and look at some facts not being announced by the government.

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